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Lyin’ Liz Warren Profited from Oil and Gas then Transferred those Interests to her Kids to Run for Office

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The environmental hypocrisy of the left is legion. They jet-set and rub elbows with people whose carbon footprints make work-a-day Americans look like cave dwellers in comparison. Then excuse this by saying they are doing the people’s business or they buy offsets like the regal sinners buying dispensation form the Pope.

Sure, that lifestyle uses more energy than the average small town in Texas, but I paid someone to plant some trees in the Amazon. Or, something.

Tom Steyer is famously wealthy for being an evil billionaire hedge fund manager who got rich (in part) on dirty coal. He’s not totally divested (by some accounts) but began hiding that history before he embraced the climate cult as a path to political stardom.

New Hampshire Democrat Senator Jeanne Shaheen has held investments with global oil and gas companies and by some accounts, has done more to help Ukraine develop fossil fuels than America.

Our other Democrat Senator, Maggie Hassan, another green warrior, also has a curious relationship to abundant affordable carbon-based energy. She used it to puff up her political bona fides as a governor of a state with a significant rise in exports under her watch. Bakken oil and gas that passed through the state by rail on the way out of the country.

As does floundering Democrat Presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren. Right before she ran for Senate she transferred her longtime ownership of fossil fuel investments off to her kids.

On her first day as President, Elizabeth Warren says she will “ban fracking—everywhere,” while putting a “total moratorium” on leases offshore and on federal lands. Ms. Warren has signed a pledge to refuse campaign contributions over $200 from the oil-and-gas industry. She’s a past sponsor of a Senate bill called the Keep It in the Ground Act.

So it’s worth noting that, for years, she and her husband reported modest income from natural-gas royalties in her native state of Oklahoma. …

Warren held those interests for years, offloading them to her kids when she decided to run for the US Senate from Massachusetts (not her home state of Oklahoma). They were, after all, inconvenient to the narrative and counterproductive for a so-called socialist Democrat looking to appeal with wing-nut leftists (but still in the family).

There’s nothing wrong with making money off oil and gas. A significant part of America’s blue-collar boom under President Trump is tied to that. Not just the increase in oil and gas jobs but the money freed up by cheap abundant energy in every sector of the economy. A boom Warren (and others) has promised to cut off at the knees their first day as president.

It’s not every day a candidate promises to destroy millions of jobs and make everything cost more the moment you elect them but that’s more or less the entire Democrat Party platform. It is one of the few things they are saying that is probably not a lie.

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