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Hillary Clinton Joins DNCNN Narrative – Bernie and His Supporters Hate Women

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The left is clever but not bright. In 2016 Democrats pissed off white working-class voters who then voted for Trump and are now experiencing an economic boom they deny exists. It’s 2020, and Democrats are back at it. Doing everything they can to lose so they can whine about how they were cheated.

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The CNN, Liz Warren Bernie hates women smear was just the beginning. Or, maybe the middle. It looks like this coordinated attack on the other farther-left candidate has been in the works for a while. Probably since Elizabeth’s brief filtration leading the polls collapsed. 

While Warren was ahead and rising, it never mattered. Now that she’s trailing, it’s time to take out the competition and help the Democrat’s insider establishment guy (Quid Pro Joe).

Warren tweaked a quote claiming Bernie said a woman could not be president. CNN made it an issue at the last Dumbate and recoded the hot mic moment that followed for posterity. And now Hillary has some things to share.

Hillary Clinton makes her feelings clear about Sen. Bernie Sanders in a new documentary about her career, saying that “nobody likes him” and “nobody wants to work with him,” per The Hollywood Reporter.

He’s a career politician who is full of baloney, and he’s created this divisive culture, and it doesn’t matter what he did or did not say about Elizabeth Warren. She then likens that culture to the created by Trump.

She means the one the Democrats created about Trump. Like to one they created about Bernie. Because the DNC and political establishment view Bernie Sanders is a threat. And he is, but less so than Hillary and the DNC.

In 2016 an estimated 10% of Bernie supporters voted for Trump to punish the Democrat establishment for election fixing in the primary.

If this keeps up, should we expect more Bernie-defections to Trump in 2020? Probably. 

And when the Democrat nominee loses to Trump, they’ll blame everyone else but themselves because victimhood is the only thing at which they are any good.

November is coming. Democrat meddling could hand us historic election wins. So, we should do them the favor of ensuring it happens so they can play that part of the victim and play it well; at every level of government.