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Bullying of Conservatives on Campus

Bullying of Conservatives on Campus

Perhaps because colleges have been bastions of Leftism for years we are seeing a frequent bullying of conservatives on campus. Now, with the rising acceptance of “social justice” campuses are radical socialist indoctrination centers. Parents who teach their kids to be critical thinkers receive a surprise when those kids return after months of leftist programming. …

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Blinded By the Left

Have liberals, people who love freedom, allowed blind hatred to take precedence over their values? Or have leftists simply stolen the word liberal? Bill Maher has called out leftist Muslim Rashida Tlaib. He criticizes her for supporting the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) Movement. BDS is anti-Semitic to its core. It is based in hate. …

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San Fran: Don’t Call them Felons!

San Francisco is at it again, this time issuing new guidelines on what to call felons, parolees, addicts, and juvenile delinquents.  The property crime capital of the US is again more interested in protecting feelings than solving problems.

Rosie Rung1

Merrimack State Rep. Rosemarie Rung just accused you of treason

In a never-ending competition to be as publicly abrasive and unprofessional as NH State Rep. Sherry Frost (Lunatic-Dover), one of Merrimack’s new leftist State Reps, Rosemarie Rung, has gone off the rails yet again. (and again here) This time, she’s actually calling you a traitor to your country if you support Trump – simply because …

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Leftism Eradicates Character

Leftists tend to hold America in contempt. They prefer socialism to capitalism and regard all white people and police as racist. To them the Bible, Christianity, and Judaism are not only nonsense, but dangerous nonsense. There is an implicit adherence to a belief that men and women are not inherently different or even that male …

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MLK Votes Republican Today

The premise American universities have dangerously devolved into institutions of political indoctrination. They ought to be institutions of higher learning. A recent study of the 60 highest rated liberal arts colleges in the nation found more than 10 professors are registered Democrats for every registered Republican. That means something. Perhaps it means politicization of universities …

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RESIST Chris Pappas – He is WRONG for New Hampshire

  If there was any candidate who is WRONG for New Hampshire, it’s Chris Pappas. This photo speaks volumes about WHO Pappas would actually represent and it isn’t the majority of Granite Staters, it’s the far left-wing lunatic movement that has taken over the Democrat Party. These are the people who chase senators and conservative …

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