Bullying of Conservatives on Campus - Granite Grok

Bullying of Conservatives on Campus

Bullying of Conservatives on Campus

Perhaps because colleges have been bastions of Leftism for years we are seeing a frequent bullying of conservatives on campus. Now, with the rising acceptance of “social justice” campuses are radical socialist indoctrination centers. Parents who teach their kids to be critical thinkers receive a surprise when those kids return after months of leftist programming. Some are able to resist the pressure to conform, but others don’t.


Colleges are places where students are targets of speech codes. They can be subject to bullying by other students, and intimidation by professors. Campus administrators often just stand by silently, or more likely, they enforce the radical leftist behaviors and ideology.

It’s healthy for students to encounter challenges at college and exposure to new ideas. What’s not healthy is to be berated, intimidated, or coerced into adopting an ideology that goes against their very core principles.

Left only need apply

Don’t be surprised when you accompany your freshman orientation at a state university. You may become uncomfortable when campus speakers introduce themselves by their names, titles, and pronouns they prefer . Nametags also likely list preferred pronouns. It’s an effort to accommodate those who are transgender, cannot decide about their gender, or are fluid.

If you write about this to try to give people a heads up, be advised there’s a crap storm coming your way. It will make no difference you aren’t casting aspersions. It will make no difference you are calling out university officials for pushing a highly charged issue on an entire new class of students.

In response you must expect the far-left to assail both parent and student. The tools will be hateful and violent threats. Expect posting of the student’s name and photo on social media. There will be threats to bully him on campus.

Culture of fear and intimidation

The campus climate prevents students from expressing their true opinions. They must be fearful of offending their classmates and encountering aggressive responses. Polling by the Knight Foundation shows that more than two-thirds of college students feel this way. It’s a minority on campus, enabled by faculty and administrators, who are creating this environment for everyone else.

Forty six percent would tolerate elimination of free speech on campus. Instead they are favor of promoting an “inclusive and welcoming society.” That’s a frightening statistic. More frightening is the acceptance of forced conformity.

That does not promote an open-minded learning environment a liberal education requires. Rather, colleges require and police conformity to the most radical tenets of leftism. Going to college has an impact on our children’s futures. We want them to attend colleges that help them open the doors to knowledge, grow as people, and prepare for fulfilling careers.


The degree of influence someone’s choice of college has in their life is significant. We can’t just sit on our hands and let this indoctrination and bullying continue. As parents; as taxpayers, as funders of college costs, it’s incumbent upon us to contact our legislators and school administrators. We should demand better of these institutions. No liberal education is possible where bullying of conservatives on campus exists. It is important not only for the benefit of our students and their education, but for the future of our civil society.