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In 2020, the Claim That America Is Fundamentally Racist Is a Lie

Pin the tail on the racist

“America is a racist country” that is the great self evident truth of Leftist theology.  It is a lead tenant of the Leftist ruling class. The dogma of the theology shapes their moral opinions. This truth is self evident in the sense that they believe it as an act of faith.

Leftists masquerading as Democrats assert the disparities in life outcomes between blacks and whites. And they really do exist but there are no requirements for an explanation of these disparities, ever. There is no tolerance for any offer of explanation. Their mere existence is proof of racism. You understand… well no, not so much. You see that is your basic bigotry.

There are disparities between Asians and whites, evidence of racism? Between Indians and whites, there are disparities, evidence of racism? There are disparities between Nigerian immigrants and whites too. All of these group disparities they studiously ignore.

These groups generally outperform whites in income and educational attainment. Also ignored is the role that the pathologies of inner-city black culture. They include but are not limited to, fatherlessness, crime, nihilistic alienation, and the exaltation of thuggery. These pathologies play a part in producing and sustaining disparities.

America’s racist nature is also self-evident in the philosophical sense in Leftist theology. It is an axiomatic truth: racism is integral to America. In the same way that all bachelors are, by definition, single, so is America, by definition, racist. It is an article of the faith.

As formulated, the self-evident truth of American racism cannot be refuted. It is impervious to counterarguments. No data need be acquired or analyzed. Historical developments are not relevant to the correctness of the conclusion. Believers in American racism don’t care about your facts.

If it is accepted at Harvard it must be true… or false

Derrick Bell is one of the founders of critical race theory. He declared in 1991 that blacks have made no progress in America since 1865. He made this claim with a straight face at Harvard University. If it is said at Harvard it must be true, right? Bell had been a professor with tenure for two decades.

In 1865, Harvard did not admit black students.

In 2020, the claim that America is fundamentally racist is a lie. But it is a lie tenaciously defended by those on the Left who most benefit from it. Those most benefitting are the Leftists masquerading as Democrats. Also benefitting are their leftist allies in the academy, the intelligentsia, the media, and black political leadership.

The Left has declared itself the ultimate arbiter of all racial controversies. Leftists have positioned themselves to occupy a point of moral high ground in America. They believe they have the most important strategic position in any political conflict. We shall see when the votes are cast this time how true this really is. Their grasp on black votes seems to be seriously eroding.

The accusation of racism has been their most powerful political weapon. Playing the race card allows them to detract attention from their own corruption. It also diverts attention from the radical ideas they espouse. Whatever faults they have, at least they’re not racists. At least that’s the claim. Have you listened to their candidate lately? Can you say, hypocrite?