Yes, Redirects to But I Don't Think it Means Anything. - Granite Grok

Yes, Redirects to But I Don’t Think it Means Anything.

Democrat Socialists - Antifa

There is a video quickly making the rounds online.  In it, this guy is amazed, surprised, exasperated that when you type as a web address and hit enter, it takes you to (and the donations page).

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It’s true. It does that. So, what does that mean? Well, nothing, actually. Anyone can claim a web address and enter a redirect. And while I feel comfortable saying that Antifa is well funded, coordinated, and organized like a corporation – training for war – I don’t think they have a website. Certainly not

They don’t want you to know they are coordinated and heavily funded from a few far-left donors.

Their goal has been to build militias in big cities (or anywhere they feel they could make an impact). The George Floyd thing was just a reasonable trigger. BLM and Antifa came out of the shadows, augmented by street criminals released by mayors or governors.

The whole thing is coordinated. But that does not mean this has anything to do with anything. In fact, I’d bet money it does not.

Was it a Trump supporter or just some folks having some fun with no particular political interest?

Hey, maybe it is the Left, and it’s just supposed to be an opportunity for them to say it’s fake, or a setup, and a distraction. Heck, it could even be legit in one respect. Pro-Antifa folks are likely Biden donors, but they can probably figure out how to donate to Biden.  Heck, they are the tip of the spear on the #BidenRiots. It’s practically an unreported in-kind donation, just like the millions of hours of favorable coverage Democrats get from Corporate media and all the time they spend attacking their opponents.

Sure, it’s backfiring a little but they didn’t know that when they started this.

Whatever it is, it wasn’t Antifa, and I doubt it was creepy Joe Biden’s puppeteers. Though I am prepared to be wrong about that, I just don’t think I am.

Here’s the video you may see at any moment.