Merrimack State Rep. Rosemarie Rung just accused you of treason - Granite Grok

Merrimack State Rep. Rosemarie Rung just accused you of treason

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In a never-ending competition to be as publicly abrasive and unprofessional as NH State Rep. Sherry Frost (Lunatic-Dover), one of Merrimack’s new leftist State Reps, Rosemarie Rung, has gone off the rails yet again. (and again here)

This time, she’s actually calling you a traitor to your country if you support Trump – simply because he physically went to North Korea.

Q: How low will they go?

A: Lower than you ever imagined.

Perhaps Ms. Rung needs to be reminded that, in 1994, Bill Clinton’s administration formed a “consortium” (a method used to circumvent Congressional approval of a treaty) that offered billions of dollars (much of it backed by US taxpayers) in fuel, food and (wait for it…) nuclear technology.  Much of this plan ultimately failed, but only after the US had already sent hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars to make North Korea be quiet.

I suppose Ms. Rung also needs to be reminded of the disastrous Obama Administration’s 2015 nuclear deal, where Iran agreed to reduce its nuclear processing and uranium stockpiles in exchange for lifted sanctions and access to frozen assets.  Problem is, the Obama administration was caught lying (to Congress) about not granting Iran access to US financial institutions to retake these assets.  This lie was discovered (oops!) by US Senators when talking with members of the International Atomic Energy Agency.  Topping this illegal activity, Obama then sent a plane “loaded with $400M in Swiss Francs, Euros and other currencies” to Iran, followed by “two more secret flights carrying another $1.3 billion in cash.”

How bad is this? Remove the words “Obama” and “Iran” and replace them with “Trump” and “Russia” and imagine the outrage that would ensue over the same revelations. Democrats would be holding news conferences, and the story would be front-page news.

Or Tweeting even more irrationally…

Let’s not forget the hundreds of millions of people murdered in the 20th century by Communist and Socialist regimes – political systems currently espoused by a growing number of your fellow Democrats across the country (I have yet to see you call any one of them “traitors”).

So, Representative Rung, tell us exactly what “traitorous” activity President Trump has conducted (other than triggering your leftist sensibilities)?  Has he given North Korea light-water reactors and fuel in exchange for promises even a third-grader knows will be broken?  Has he circumvented or lied to Congress?  Has he attempted to illegally launder frozen foreign assets through New York banks, only to fly cash to the regime after being caught?

Tell us Rosemarie?  Am I, who served in the US Army for 10+ years, a traitor simply because of who I support politically?  Are the millions and millions of other Trump supporters out there also guilty of treason?  I wonder – what is your remedy to this?  Are you planning to round us up and punish us in some way?

If we are all truly traitors, I suggest you start putting your money where your cackling mouth is and take some appropriate action.  After all, “Country should be above party“, right?

PS – This photo is a reminder of how close Barack Obama ever got to accomplishing anything in North Korea.  — A bullet-proof glass observer in a cool leather jacket.