The Leftist Narrative is Leading us into Danger - Granite Grok

The Leftist Narrative is Leading us into Danger

The leftist narrative

Today America is under assault from the Leftist narrative. The police, for example, today are living under a narrative of lies. This is different from the conditions in any other profession. Police motivation, as a group, is largely the desire to help people. However, the story the media is telling is the exact opposite.

The driving while black narrative has been shown to be false. The media is sensationalizing the charges against police.  We are seeing vindication of most police action. Yet, the media is largely failing to report on the final outcome. When they do it is not in the same places, at the same volume and frequency.

We are watching an unfair moral crusade against law enforcement. The police today have to go to work each day with a presumption against them. It is one they cannot, because the media is not allowing them to rebut and refute. Today, there is media the acceptance of the narrative all police are racist. This is demonstrably false. In fact in most big cities the police departments staffing is minorities are the majority. They are minority led.

The Leftist narrative

The narrative has become more and more high volume and lethal. The narrative is “racist cops take black lives.” We hear it from BLM, Antifa, Anarchists and Islamists. It is the mantra du jour of the Left. So, what does the Left gain by perpetuating tis false narrative today?

The Left has an ideological commitment to the narrative. The Left’s own identity formation comes from the false belief; they are fighting against a racist America. What we can be sure of is the Left certainly is fighting to destroy America, by any means necessary. This does not mean America is racist. That is false.

It always difficult to know another’s thoughts. But logic says the Left is motivated to act on their belief. This is a belief they are not open to examining. They no longer care whether it is based in truth or is a lie. Their belief gives them, in their own eyes, significance, power, and righteousness. They are sincere in the belief. But the road to Hell is paved with good intentions.

The road to Hell is paved with good intentions

The Left thinks it is on its own moral crusade to save black people. This involves a tremendous amount of condescension and paternalism. How does the left think their view is different than the view of the slave owner? They have convinced themselves that black people cannot take care of themselves. Blacks need Leftist help… whether they ask for it or not.

For the Left this belief involves their status and self image. This is part of a narrative based on hatred. The left hates America. It hates Western Civilization. These things it shares with Islam. At this point it is taking us to the edge of anarchy and possibly civil war.

Our founders understood there is a human passion, a lust for violence. This passion restraint by expectations of order and consequences for bad behavior. The Left wants to set people free engage in the sadistic behavior of shear power play. The founders understood power is enthralling. Power is inebriating and we are allowing it loose. Self control and self discipline are being cast out of Leftist society. The Leftist narrative is dangerous in the extreme.