The Great Battle in life is not with Outside Forces it is with Those Inside Each of Us - Granite Grok

The Great Battle in life is not with Outside Forces it is with Those Inside Each of Us

Inner journey reflection

People with a “Judeo-Christian” worldview are taught we need to control our own nature. This is the most important battle we face in life. It is the most ever-present battle we face; our own nature.

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Jews and Christians learn from the same Scripture. For example: “…the will of man’s heart is evil from his youth…” (Genesis 8:21). Thank you to Dennis Prager and his book “Rational Bible.”

We must try to be a good person. Jews and Christians constantly battle with the flaws in our nature. We all must discipline ourselves. It is our duty to be on guard against our urges, appetites, and weaknesses. Winning the battle is the only real route to a better world. Every individual has to work on him or herself. The work is a constant struggle to be decent, strong, courageous, and to remain under self-control.

The vast majority do not raise their children this way. They are raising their children to believe the great battle in life is with outside forces. These young people do not look inward for responsibility or answers. They cast blame near and far.

All of us have to confront personal failure, loss, disappointment, and unhappiness. Religious Jews and Christians are taught to look inward for the source of their problems. It is equally true they are taught to look inward for the solutions to their problems. For them, the questions become: What have I done wrong? What can I change in my life to solve my problems?

Judeo-Christian values

The left rejects Judeo-Christian values and has adopted the opposite view. In dealing with pain in life they immediately look outside not within.

Leftists hold outside forces responsible for their pain. That is the reason for the litany of left-wing enemies. The Left’s enemies include capitalism, patriarchy, and misogyny. Earning honorable mentions are systemic racism, homophobia, and transphobia. Not to be forgotten are Islamophobia, sexism, and xenophobia.

If you are an unhappy American woman, you can work on yourself and your nature. The alternative seems to be blaming sexism and patriarchy. Men are responsible for your state of pain. If you are an unhappy gay American, you can work on yourself. The alternative is blaming society’s homophobia for your unhappiness. If you are an unhappy black American, you can work on yourself and your life. The alternative is blaming systemic racism and whites for your anger and unfulfilled life.

This explains why the left encourages every group except for white, Christian, heterosexual males to regard themselves as oppressed. The more oppressed women, gays, blacks, etc., see themselves as alienated from America and its values. This frees them to gravitate left. When you have no responsibility for your unhappiness you cede control of your life to others.

Dennis Prager sums it up with a riddle: Q: What do you call a happy black person? A: A Republican.

Ungrateful, unhappy, mean spirit

America has been a great country because it was built on this belief. We must all fight against our natures and fight for our country. It is difficult to overstate the damage the left is doing to this country. The Left is abandoning the fundamental Judeo-Christian teaching. We must fight our natures to lead a more decent and happy life. The Left is replacing this belief with the blamethrower. Everything must be available in battling America.

This substitution inevitably leads to a population of unhappy, ungrateful, mean spirit humans. They are the individuals you see rioting and looting. Leftists are the type of elected officials who do nothing to stop rioters and looters. They are the columnists and academics who devote their lives to spewing hate.

Their utterances are full of lies about America. They are the Twitter mobsters comprising the cancel culture. Allowing this belief structure to propagate will lead to the end of America. Leftists are controlled by their need to be hostile to the freest country in human history. Ending America is what the left acknowledges it seeks. Death to America as we have known it.