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Kamala Says Democrats Embrace the ‘Diversity’ of Radical and Moderate Views

Kamala Says Democrats Embrace

When Kamala says Democrats embrace the ‘diversity’ of radical and moderate views, believe her. Believe at least half of what she says. The media have mislabeled Ms. Harris as a moderate. She might better be described as an opportunist. She is certainly a predator.

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The Associated Press notes Harris’s “centrist record.” The New York Times called her a “pragmatic moderate.” It is pretty obvious the woman is neither of these things.

Harris’s voting record is “more liberal” than 99% of the Senate. That’s not my assessment. That is according to a VoteView analysis.

Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris said Friday that Democrats welcome the “diversity” of “radical” and moderate views in their party.

Harris told NBC News, “The most important point I think that can be made about the diversity of who we are is an embrace for the diversity of who we are. That’s who we are as Democrats. We embrace the diversity of who we are.”

The woman thinks BLM, Antifa, anarchists and Islamists are our friends. She thinks they are just other organizations one can negotiate with. She’s wrong. They are violent. To the power comes from the muzzle of a gun. They represent the use of force for tearing down anything that is positive, Judeo-Christian, or Capitalist. These groups build nothing. Protect nothing. Their members are nihilists.

Earlier this month, Harris teamed up with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. They are cosponsoring environmental legislation. Far-left groups praised the legislation as a precursor to the $94 trillion Green New Deal. Harris is also the first candidate on a presidential ticket to openly support gun confiscations.

Know your candidate

There is nothing tolerant or accepting of diverse view if you are confiscating private property. There is nothing tolerant or accepting of diverse view if you are ending people’s right to defend themselves and their loved ones. Harris is a Marxist globalist. She is a very dangerous woman.

Another left-wing view Harris supports is eliminating the Electoral College. She also supports increasing the federal minimum wage to $15 per hour. Ask the small businesses in Seattle how that is working out. Harris previously cosponsored socialist senator Bernie Sanders’s Medicare for All bill.

Don’t listen to the media’s talking heads. They are intentionally feeding the public propaganda. Harris does not like America. She does not like the values and principles on which the republic was founded. Kamala is a controlling, power hungry candidate. When Kamala says Democrats embrace the ‘diversity’ of radical views, believe her.

She does not like people. She does not protect and serve the black community. Look at her record. She protected pedophiles in San Francisco as DA. This person is ethically and morally bankrupt. She is a true Democrat. You should trust her as far as you can trust any Democrat promise. Know your candidate.

The Democrats have her sitting in the VP slot for a reason. Uncle Joe is non compos mentis, he is around the bend. They want to use his name to elect her to the Presidency. That’s the game here. Think about it. She pulls 4% of the black vote. Harris was out of the primary early. She has two qualities the Democrats like. Harris raises lots of money, mostly from Big Tech. She is reliably controllable. Know your candidate.

Vote early, vote often.