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Fundamentally and Violently Transforming

fundamentally and violently transforming

The Left is hellbent, though, on fundamentally and violently transforming America. Remember all the way back to last year. Feminists were celebrating women’s equality. They were declaring #TheFutureIsFemale; now men can be women by simply claiming the title. This is just one more example of exactly how ignorant smart phones are making us.

The internet should be providing more access to historical knowledge than has ever been possible before but it doesn’t. You see, the algorithms which do the searching are skewed. This is a form of censorship. People think they are getting solid information when they search the internet. But they do not. Instead what comes back is Leftist indoctrination.

Who or what is god?

The civil rights movement came from tireless self-sacrifice. It was a fight for the personhood, the individuality, of those deemed less than human. Today’s civil rights movement has been hijacked. It has been stolen by a movement celebrating the slaughter of the unborn so their body parts can be sold. This is nothing but the commercialized sacrifice of our unborn children.

These leftists want the right to pick and choose who will be viewed as non-persons. They set themselves, via government, up as gods. How is it so many walk past the immorality of codifying this into law? Social justice warriors celebrate their ignorance of even basic history. They are out and about using smartphones to record their desecration of statues. Statues they know nothing about. Just as they revel in a culture of death. Life is filled with irony. The Left is hellbent, though, on fundamentally and violently transforming America.

Hope, opportunity and freedom

Yet, America is still the world’s great hope. People from across the globe flock to our shining city on a hill. They come for the hope, opportunity and freedom. That is why America is the land of immigrants. Our tolerance of emigres is legendary. The immigrant population in our country far exceeds any other nation. Nearly 15% of America today, about 46,600,000 people are immigrants. That’s nearly four times more than the nation second to us in immigration.

Our media propaganda makes people think this is the most oppressive and racist regime in the world. Guess what; it just ain’t so. The Leftists; BLM, Antifa and others want to “burn it all down.” But which country should America be more like? That’s the question.

Which way should we go… and why?

Before we destroy what we have, shouldn’t we articulate where we are going? BLM and Antifa offer as their example CHAZ. Is that where we really want to let them to lead us? CHAZ was such a wonderful place that when it imploded there were few people left there. That’s about 36 city blocks in the downtown of Seattle… very few people left. What a magnet of hope and promise. The Left is hellbent, though, on fundamentally and violently transforming America.

We should be all about ensuring justice and equality. Those are words BLM and Antifa toss around a lot. But those words are terribly subjective. Those Leftist groups do not mean the same thing as we do at all when we say them. We; those of us who believe in America, are proud to be American, are part of an exceptional nation for so many reasons… none of which Leftists tolerate.

America has always been honest, not always timely but honest. That does not mean we have not made mistakes, some terrible mistakes. But we do not deny our past or present flaws. What separates America from other nations is her ability to adapt her behavior to the challenges of the day. We have always overcome. That is what has made us stronger with each passing day.

Our founding principles were right for the founding generation. They are just as correct today. The Left is hellbent, though, on fundamentally and violently transforming America. Are we going to accept their path to tyranny? Is it time for no more bullshit?