The Democrat Party has abandoned the Average American. - Granite Grok

The Democrat Party has abandoned the Average American.

Border Wall

The leftist cabal running for president on the Democratic ticket is getting border and immigration wrong. Democrats do not understand. We do have borders. Borders do mean something.

Decriminalizing border crossings would not be a good idea for the Department of Justice. The law that is on the books has been there for about a hundred years now or so. We have the rule of law in this country. That used to mean something, and my suspicion is that it still does to most voters.


The average American understands borders have to mean something. What would the riders on the clown train be running for if we had no borders? No borders, no country, so what would you be president of exactly?

The question isn’t about open borders. That is an ignorant idea. The question is about the security of American citizens. The Democratic presidential hopefuls are on a collision course with reality if they continue with the “civil penalty only” crap. What Are You Going to Vote For?


The donkeys have doubled down on leftism. They are betting the farm communism is the future of the party. They want to inject millions of friendly voters into the U.S. to help their cause. Most of South and Central America accepts socialism and their economies reflect the belief.

The closest thing to a traditional Democrat left standing is Joe Biden. Uncle Joe was the most leftist member of the senate when he was there. He can’t seem to go a week without a gaffe. Very rapidly he is making himself the enemy of the extremists on stage with him.

The donkeys need votes from Hispanics. They think more open borders will get those votes. The donkeys have completely abandoned their base. They don’t give a crap about the average American. Their claim used to be they were the party of the working man. Forget about that these days.

Abandoned average Americans

Not only have they abandoned working people. Those in charge today want to destroy your jobs. Obumbles told us manufacturing jobs were never coming back. Trump showed he was wrong. He began bringing them back almost like the Pied Piper of manufacturing jobs. All we needed was a president who understood business and cared about the American people.

Four years ago Hillary told coal miners that she was going to put a lot them out of business. It was honest. It was also shortsighted and ignorant. But it tells us exactly who the Democrat party is and who it has been. Wake the hell up and smell the coffee. What Are You Going to Vote For?


The Democratic Party has abandoned everyday Americans. They are forcing our schools to absorb illegal immigrant teenagers and us to pay the tax bill for their doing it. Can you say high property taxes? They don’t care about our neighborhoods. They think the violence is great because they get talking points about gun violence. Forcing illegal immigrants’ and inflicting gang wars into our neighborhoods is an issue. And whose jobs are being jeopardized by illegal workers. What Are You Going to Vote For?