RESIST Chris Pappas – He is WRONG for New Hampshire


If there was any candidate who is WRONG for New Hampshire, it’s Chris Pappas. This photo speaks volumes about WHO Pappas would actually represent and it isn’t the majority of Granite Staters, it’s the far left-wing lunatic movement that has taken over the Democrat Party.

These are the people who chase senators and conservative writers out of restaurants; commit acts of violence against those practicing their First Amendment rights and scream and shout when they don’t get their own way like psychopathic Veruca Salts who should be heavily medicated.

These are the Democrats who ignore their constituents because their party bosses and the extremists of their base are more important than the people they are supposed to represent.

Chris Pappas is WRONG for New Hampshire and should never be elected to ANY office again.

In case you think this photo was photo shopped, think again. It’s real and this is what Pappas represents:

Pappas will NEVER represent Granite Staters and the fact that he’s part of a “movement” that acts out violently against anyone who disagrees is not only abhorrent but it’s proof that he isn’t fit to serve the people of New Hampshire’s First Congressional District.

Since he, along with Democrats, are pushing for out-of-staters to vote heavily in November, it’s imperative that all reasonable, logical and “Live Free or Die” loving Granite Staters, GET OUT AND VOTE.

If you don’t, another Democrat who represents violent, hateful lunatics will get into office.