Woke … What is it? What Will it be? - Granite Grok

Woke … What is it? What Will it be?

Fossil Fool

Today “Woke” is a concept symbolizing correct perception and awareness of social issues. It is an unenlightening social movement. Woke has become a generic slang term. It broadly associates with leftist politics, social justice, and activist causes.

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Woke is a cannon of identity politics. It is an outgrowth of Protestant Christianity. Woke threatens the American regime of liberty and self-government. Western and woke worldviews build moral orders. They each build around the categories of innocence and transgression. The effects they achieve will be vastly different.

Responsibility has no place among the woke

Woke places atonement for past transgressions at the center of politics. It lives in the past and has no future for that reason. Wokeness seeks to apportion power in proportion to innocence and victimhood. In the woke world speaking as a member of an innocent/victim group instantly confers legitimacy. It automatically infers you possess a heightened moral knowledge.

That’s why those George Floyd rioters last summer had to receive a get out of jail free card. No prosecution. It’s why the Anarchists, Antifa, BLM, and Islamists masquerading as Democrats lionize them. They were exhibiting their moral courage. Being ignorant and burning other people’s property makes you woke.

The woke life is electrified at being able to thrust their nonsensical views in our faces. All of us believe in justice but its application must be blind. It needs to be the same everywhere in our Constitutional Republic.

The woke are blind from the fires of their social justice insurrection. They are unable to see the injustice of the destruction of businesses. They do not care at all about people who overcame real injustice to create their own American Dream. Woke suppresses other’s rights to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

The cause of the day is oppressed

Woke is a juvenile expletive. You may be innocent of the soup du jour social injustices but know this, if you dare to question methods and results they will shout you down. They will knock you down and put you down. It will be done with a loud, WOKE YOU!

Opposition to a woke cause is by definition fascist and racist unless you are black. Everybody knows it is impossible to be a black racist.

Create a ‘Sucker Class’. Use a cause to suck in those wanting their social justice monetized. Use offers of reparations, free college, and debt forgiveness. That the media, academic and political classes propagate such nonsense is proof that “there is a sucker born every minute, and you just happened to be coming along at the right time.”

Defunding the police is social justice for a just cause. They wish to deny our safety. They do not grasp that in doing so they deny the safety of the people who need protection most. Those who fall for this stupidity are dumber than a box of rocks. They earn the increase in violence and shame their wokeness has created. The tragedy is they revel in it.

Property is communal so you have no right to it

It’s ok to destroy property. They don’t riot, loot and burn in their own neighborhoods. They don’t live here so it’s your problem sucker.

Woke is a traveling collage of meaningless slogans. Being woke is venerated and celebrated. But only by organizations with vapid ideological symbols. Symbols like BLM, LGBTQXYZ, ProChoice, Antifa, and Climate Change. It is imperative to deny others their right to a voice. Only the woke may be recognized.

Soros and his Big Tech trillionaire clones support them. “You can’t be woke if you are broke… and we’re here to fund you.”

Woke means always having to be angry. It also means never having to say you’re sorry or wrong. Stomping on heads and burning down neighborhoods is all good. Denying others their rights is legitimate. The woke “hate oppression.” Any and all illegal and immoral means are justified in getting their way.

This only ends one way

The Republican political class is almost as woke as the Democrats. Unless conservatives, people who love freedom, unite and grow a set, we will lose. America will be living with these seven deadly sins until we have sufficient guns and willing to use them to regain our freedom.