September is Gone but the Stories That Made it Memorable are Not - Granite Grok

September is Gone but the Stories That Made it Memorable are Not


Never a dull month. In September, we uncovered how the DNC championed the absence of religion. Nashua Democrats tried (repeatedly) to censor free speech (while some threatened conservatives).

That was just the first few days.

Wal-Mart banned open-carry, Hurricane Dorian was then wasn’t, Linda Sarsour came to Manchester, and no one but the Grok covered it. Joyce Craig: still a lousy mayor, abortion is population control, and the economy is still doing great.

CNN Had a climate spectacular almost no one watched. The State AG’s office took over the office of the Hillsborough County Attorney. And Gilford transitioned into insanity.

Hong Kong Riots, server crashes, shootings, gun control, Bolton “resigns,” Prez candidates at NH Dem state party convention, weather gate, Ukrainegate, and Lewandowski still has not announced.

The legislature sustained almost all of Gov. Sununu’s vetoes, and NH passed a budget.

And there’s more. Nearly 300 stories. A lot to remember. Good thing we wrote it down.

And out of all of that, there can only be nine. It used to be ten, but that’s passe′. And here they are – the top nine stories our readers clicked and read in September 2019