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Democrats are the virus

More Overdose Deaths Than Covid Deaths

Well, we are 9 months into the political response to the virus. Data is showing alarming trends. Yes, Covid is out there but so too are drug overdoses and suicide. People, especially young people, those who are least at risk from the virus are forcibly cut off from friends, families, and communities.

Biden and Ossoff

Biden and Ossoff Sitting in a Tree…

Jon Ossoff is the Democrat Georgia Senate candidate. Mr. Ossoff believes federal immigration officials should provide workplace protections for illegal immigrants. He specifically thinks that includes enforcement of a minimum wage. Ossoff made the argument at a campaign event over the weekend.

Pelosi Price Control Plan for Drugs

Pelosi’s Price Control Plan for Drugs Doubles Down on Failure

The Pelosi price control plan for drugs would limit Americans’ access to lifesaving medicines. It has the added benefit of impeding the development of new treatments for diseases. Her plan is price control of drugs. Her plan doubles down on the failures of existing government policies. Yes, the same ones contributing to higher health care …

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