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Wind Power

Floating Wind farm

Harvard: Wind Turbines Warm the Planet

It’s no secret – at least around here – that wind power is an incredibly dirty energy source. The meager output and life expectancy can’t begin to abate the destruction required to make and dispose of them. They kill birds, bats, and now, according to Harvard, they warm the planet.

Floating Wind farm

BBC: Wind Power is Destroying the Planet

The BBC, an otherwise reliable cog in the globalist green energy agenda, is in a tizzy. It seems they’ve discovered a common material used in Green Energy infrastructure produces 23,500 times as much warming as CO2.

Why “Green” Energy?

If you wanted to bring western civilization down, give it a good beating for all its so-called malfeasance, what better way than to make it near impossible to sustain the things that made being a western civilization all it was cracked up to be? Consider that which makes us or any of our allies any …

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There is a difference between the Free Market and the Government Market

And TreeHugger decided to demonstrate that, with clueless irony, all on their own.  Yes, one more from TreeHugger that shows that Environmentalism has really left its roots of DOING environmental work and very much all about getting Big Government and its big teat (and very much, dependent on that teat) to do it instead as …

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