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NH Dem Rep Jan Schmidt’s Family Threatens a Nashua Resident and Doxxing


Over the weekend, as previously reported, a Nashua activist created a Facebook page that is devoted to sharing the public commentary and actions of Nashua Alderwoman and New Hampshire State Representative, Jan Schmidt. Schmidt is an elected official who apparently doesn’t like anyone to hold her accountable for her words or actions.

New Hampshire Democrats went ballistic over this page which probably wouldn’t have gotten much attention if they hadn’t. As previously posted, even the chair of the NH Socialist Democrat Party, Ray Buckley, chimed in:

After publishing the blog, you would have thought these Democrats would have learned their lesson but they did not. Schmidt’s family decided to take action against the ‘bullies’ that were daring to hold their mother and wife accountable.

Her daughter, Heather Day,  threatened the Nashua activist in a comment on a Facebook post:

Apparently, Heather wants to destroy a Nashua resident for simply posting the actual words and actions of her mother. Her comment was eventually removed by Facebook because someone reported it for ACTUAL targeted bullying and harassment.

Schmidt thought her daughter’s behavior was just peachy though because that’s how Democrats roll:

And then Heather decided that wasn’t enough, she wanted to slam Scaer’s mother, who happened to have died last October:

Clearly, Heather learned her bullying behavior from her parents.

Schmidt’s husband Atlant decided that yours truly should be DOXXED for daring to stand up to leftist ANTI-1st Amendment bullies and writing about this:

These comments were publicly posted on Jan Schmidt’s personal Facebook page, the person who originally sent didn’t have all of them. The absolute intention was to try and dox me:

For the record, I do NOT work there anymore and psychopaths like Atlant are one of the reasons I do not update my LinkedIn page. My work has nothing to do with my politics but left-wing extremists like Schmidt don’t care. They seek to destroy anyone who disagrees with their regressive ideology. If you aren’t familiar with doxxing, it’s when leftists like Schmidt and her supporters try to destroy a person’s life by getting them fired from their non-political job because they dare to have a different opinion or expose the truth about them.

Leftists like Representative Jan Schmidt’s disgusting husband are why I moved to New Hampshire in the first place. His ilk abhor women who disagree with his ideology and I was being stalked and threatened  to be doxxed by leftists like him when I lived in Massachusetts. He and his ilk are why I am a hardcore 2nd Amendment activist now. These people are dangerous and psychopathic.

Jan Schmidt has threatened to get lawyers involved. I do hope she does because she’ll be spending a LOT of $$$ to defend the absolutely atrocious behavior of herself and her family.