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Linda Sarsour is Coming to Manchester New Hampshire

Linda Sarsour New Social Contract Tour

Linda Sarsour will be in Manchester, New Hampshire on September 15th. She’s rolling in on something called the New Social Contract Tour

Progressive Manchester, Rights and Democracy, People’s Action, The Granite State Organizing Project, and the National Economic and Social Rights Initiative are all sponsors.

Rights and Democracy is a Canadian human rights organization with a pro-Palestinian, anti-Israel political agenda. That explains Sarsour’s attraction or theirs to her.

Sarsour, sold as every islamophobes nightmare, is nothing more than the above-average high-profile antisemite; famous for saying things like don’t humanize Jews. The way the left refuses to humanize the unborn to justify executing them. Nice. 

Sarsour is also a leader of the Women’s March. Sounds impressive but it has fallen out of favor. Even the DNC had to distance itself over her anti-Jewish sentiment. She also believes that Sharia law is reasonable. Is it? For women?

That’s not my understanding.

Bring on The Hard left 

The sponsors are all pro-socialist groups. Their topic is the development of a socialist contract. Even the location,  the Unitarian Universalist ‘Church’ preaches far-left policy and social justice dogma.

More Marxists than you can wave a trampled-on Constitution at! 

(Pardon the preposition at the end of that sentence).

Sarsour will help promote the supremacy dialogue of the left and its policies. Ideas that share a common theme with Islam. The State as god and god as the State.

Sarsour’s version frames policy and punishment on the words of Allah and his prophet. The Political left in America sees government as god with them as its prophets. 

Sarsour is here to help that along and her own ideological supremacy dreams as well.

Linda Sarsour New Social Contract Tour