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Nashua Aldermen Disrespecting Residents

Mayor, I was listening to the Board of Aldermen meeting last evening, and I was dismayed that Aldermen Skip Cleaver took it upon himself to omit words to the Pledge of Allegiance.  Aldermen Cleaver decided to drop the words UNDER GOD.

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Female Democrats Complain Over Being Treated….. EQUALLY

File this in the ‘you can’t make this stuff up’ folder folks. Female Democrat Representatives Jan Schmidt and Rosemarie Rung (two of the worst reps at the NH State House) are complaining for being treated….. seriously… not even kidding… EQUALLY. They apparently don’t like to be held accountable, as elected officials, for their votes, actions …

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Jan Schmidt, Benevolent Dictator

I have been following Nashua Alderman, and NH State Rep, Jan Schmidt on social media and I’ve observed that she likes to portray herself as a benevolent dictator showing her love and concern for her subjects.

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This Meme About California Reminds me of Nashua and Jan Schmidt

First, it speaks to the idiocy of the Progressive Government. Petty and vindictive, with the promotion of things and actions we used to assign stigma to informally protect traditional society from “infections” that twist it into the Left’s own image. In this, I thought of Steve’s post on Jan Schmidt and Nashua.