So, Government Official Debra Altschiller is attempting to censor a Normal citizen? - Granite Grok

So, Government Official Debra Altschiller is attempting to censor a Normal citizen?

Altschiller demanding FB takedown page small

Streisand Effect.  Again.  Kimberly and I are reporting on the efforts of Democrats to shut down a political speech page called Musings of Alderman Jan Schmidt. A page that lists and quotes Schmidt’s own words and actions. Period. Jan is both a Nashua Alderman and NH State Rep.

They call this duplication of Jan’s ‘musings’ hate speech and DEMAND that it be shut down.

Including NH State Rep Debra Altschiller – an elected official.

From the NH House Roster page:
15 Apple Way, Stratham, NH  03885-2502
Seat #: 3041

She swore an oath to protect and defend the Constitution – both of which specifically prevent the government from interfering with Normal Citizens’ speech no matter how they dislike it.

If she and others like her were honoring of and faithful to their oath TO THE LETTER, they’d never try to shut someone else down.  But that’s EXACTLY what she just did: “TAKE THE PAGE DOWN NOW…”

For the record, there is no official entity call “Facebook Police” as Altschiller say but we Conservatives know that Facebook (and Twitter and other social media sites) are in the process of silencing/censoring/throttling back/shadow banning Conservatives – especially when we are commenting on Liberals/Democrats/Socialists/Big Government Lovers/Statists.  It’s a fact, it’s well known and well documented.

But here she, part of Government (which the Constitutions are in place to restrain)  is DEMANDING that someone that is only quoting another elected officials words and actions.  Restraining Free Speech – that which the Founders found abhorrent.  But there she is, Debra Altschiller, doing exactly that. Look at Altschiller “shaming” words – harass, defame, hostile, offensive.  The use of language to make someone else bend to you (in this case, political) will.  Sorry but simply quoting someone’s, ANYone’s, actual words is and should not be considered any of those terms.

Trying to shut someone else down is.  And I’m just pointing out Altschiller’s words – but I bet I & GraniteGrok will now be, yet again, be labeled as a HATE site simply because we are posting up her words and what she is trying to do.  The Left will label it as BULLYING.  For that I ask:

Who put them in charge of determining the definitions (or redefinitions, as it turns out) of our common language?
When has merely quoting someone’s words in a public forum become illegitimate?

This is NH State Rep Liz McConnell territory when she tried to have the Brentwood News shut down simply because they quoted her votes first posted here at GraniteGrok?  It’s what they do, it seems.

Altschiller is trying to protect a Socialist Rep that has said some rather bad stuff including lying about GraniteGrok.  It certainly looks like she’s trying to use her political position to bully an ordinary person to SHUT UP (and Altschiller has done with another Conservative activist – we’ll deal with that later). Isn’t that called “Privilege” in Leftism speech?  That one shouldn’t abuse their “Privilege?” Could that also, as the Left says, be your “White Privilege“?  Or your “Politically Connected Privilege” with other Leftist politicians in power as well as, ahem, very connected with the MSM (more on that later)?  Again, only using words that the Left has brought to life and used with mal-intent.

But the main point is that NH State Rep Debra Altschiller is now part of what is being called “The Cancel Movement.” It has been around for years but is gaining steam and seeks to Deplatform and Censor Conservatives.  To remove them from the electronic Public Square utterly and completely. To prevent their ideas and their activities and their Speech from being seen by others.

Totalitarian tactics all the way around.

In fact, I believe that Jan Schmidt (on Facebook) has declared the intention to do that to GraniteGrok (but more on that later).

I’ll leave you with the next screenshot:

“So who is the bully”?   Again, actions and words matter. I believe that this phrase, which the MSM adores, may sum up what this first installment is hinting at: “Comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable”. Like her husband’s newspaper?

So, I’ll ask, with the above, who is NH State Rep Debra Altschiller comforting and who is she afflicting?