73% of Republican Students Hide Their Political Views to Protect Grades 'cuz Liberal Profs - Granite Grok

73% of Republican Students Hide Their Political Views to Protect Grades ‘cuz Liberal Profs

Melissa Click

The college campus is the microcosm of the world in which the left expects us to live. With thought police, no due process, compelled speech, and self-censorship. So, it is no surprise that over 70% of students who are not liberals hide their politics to protect their grades.

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The machine behind that madness is left-wing professors. The ‘experts’ who do not just feed and reinforce that culture, they teach it. And many of them are neither diverse nor equal when it comes to their ideology. You will be made to pay for failing to fall into line.

The question asked: “Have you ever withheld your political views in class for fear that your grades would suffer?”

How’d that work out?

  • 73% of “strong” Republicans said yes.
  • 71% of “weak” Republicans said yes.
  • 70% of “Republican-leaning independents” said yes.

That is a significant majority, hiding their politics, for fear of being punished for thinking outside the box of the typical educational institution.

Smart people calling you a fascist for suggesting the inclusion of opposing ideas. Open debate. Diverse thought.

In the inclusive excellence, equity and diversity culture? Those words are Newspeak for a room full of people who are labeled differently and may even look different but are required to think the same.

It’s Everywhere

More famous examples of intolerant faculty include Melissa Click from Mizzou (who also tried to suppress the press) and a trio of lib-profs from UNH (for local flavor). My point (again) is that it is not limited to one campus or even a state or region. The entire campus culture with few exceptions is poison to anyone who has thoughts of their own and dares to share them.

You not only will be made to care, but there are punishments for daring to challenge their status quo. 

It is the world in which the Left wants and expects you to live. If voter’s do not realize and accept that Democrats created that world, it will be too late to prevent it from expanding across the rest of the nation.

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