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Hillsborough County Attorney A Complete Failure

Having been on the job less than a year, Hillsborough County Attorney Michael Conlon (D) has already proven he is a complete and utter failure.  So much so that AG MacDonald will now take steps against him.

The latest scandal aired yesterday, with the headline “Manchester police officials say they have no confidence in county attorney” coming from WMUR.  This came after a 44 month sentence for a man who’s toddler died due to ingesting cocaine.

Conlon has no criminal law background and said he offered to run out of a sense of civic duty because no one was running against the incumbent. He said he’s in the office to stay and is confident his new policies and procedures will improve the office over time.


So, Conlon ran because the Republican was unopposed.  Great reason to want to be County Attorney.  And he got swept in on the same blue wave that brought us Rosemarie Rung et al.  Wonderful for the people.  Except, in the legislature, there are checks and balances.  That doesn’t exist in the County Attorney’s office.

Conlon has ultimate authority over the County Attorney’s office, for now.  The AG is purportedly seeking his resignation, and short of that he’ll take other lawful steps to regain control of the office.

Deputy Attorney General Jane Young said she and MacDonald met with Conlon on Tuesday and suggested options, including his resignation. On Thursday, Conlon wrote a four-page letter refusing to resign.

“We are working on the next steps and we plan to execute them in the next 24 hours,” Young wrote. Any actions will follow statutory and case law, she said.


So, Conlon, who only ran because there wasn’t a Democrat on the ballot, now refuses to resign despite this being his THIRD scandal in fewer than 9 months on the job.  Typical.  His response to the AG’s resignation demand? More resources, naturally.

“It seems clear to me that if I were to resign and walk away from this role that it would not be beneficial to the Hillsborough County Attorney’s Office,” Conlon wrote.

Couldn’t be more wrong, bub.  If you were to resign, it would be the MOST beneficial to the office.  The Manchester Police Department has lost its trust in the CA’s office.  How many other Police Departments have as well?