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Free Speech

Vote for Our Right to Kneel on the Public Sidewalk

Bill HB430, the buffer zone repeal bill, is up for a vote before the full NH House. It allows private abortion businesses to mark up to 25 feet of the public sidewalk and street outside their facility as a buffer zone where freedom of speech is banned, including silent prayer.


AFP-NH Puts a Focus on 10 Key Legislative Priorities for 2021

Last week American’s for Prosperity New Hampshire published a list of legislative priorities for the Granite State in 2021. They’ve put a much-needed focus on ten pieces of legislation covering Education, Licensing, Free Speech, Asset Forfeiture, Health Care, and (believe it or not) Climate Change (sort of).

Parler Technical difficulties graphic

Parler: “We will not let civil discourse perish!”

Facebook has been flagging news about the “return” of Parler as false. It is fair to say that Parler is not back the way it was before Amazon pulled the plug (lawsuits underway for breach of contract). But if you go to, there is a Parler page with a message.

You Should Gab, Not Tweet

While I have not deleted my Twitter account, I refuse to tweet because of the censorship of President Trump and the election interference. Freedom of Speech is more than just the First Amendment’s prohibition of government censorship. It is a value. An American value.