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Free Speech

RNC video Power Screen grab Tyranny has many forms

Democrats Only Want Power (video)

The RNC has been doing a great job setting the tone under Trump instead of just reacting to Democrats. They are also doing good air-cover in general. This latest video makes the case that for Democrats, It’s All About Power.

Speech Police

Had Enough Infringements? Maybe It’s Time to Sue The Bastards!

Local governments want you to sue them. What other possible explanation could there be for them ignoring or breaking (bending, subverting) the law? They have your money to pay lawyers and all the time in the world. If they lose, you still pay (or the insurance pays – the same thing, really).

Trojan Horse

Proving Once Again That Journalists Are Mouthpieces for Socialists

We Conservatives want the other side to keep talking and talking and talking – and the Left lives to silence their opponents.  It is becoming clear that “journalists” are becoming the shock troops for the socialists Cancel Movement, where only the “approved” speech can be uttered.