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Chicago Mayor elect Lori Lightfoot

Lightfoot Treads Heavily – No White Reporters Allowed

Chicago’s Lori Lightfoot is a lousy mayor by all accounts (regardless of her sex or skin color). A problem she’s decided means something. On the anniversary of her inauguration (two years ago), her office will only grant interviews to reporters of color.

GOP Elephant

The Nashua Republican Party is in Disarray

There’s a split within the Republican party, which has grown since the appearance of Never Trumpers, many of whom conceal their positions while running for office. So it’s hard to know who’s who anymore.

Brandi Levy

A Free Speech Case or a School Overreach Case?

Is this a Free Speech Case or a School Overreach Case? Kind of both. Under the guise of Free Speech, a School Board is about to get their buttocks reddened by a policy that students (your kids) are THEIR kids 24/7/365.