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Now That Dorian is Only CAT 3 are We Talking About the Burning Amazon Again?

fire and rain

The media crisis narrative is on a climate swivel. For days all we heard about were cataclysmic fires in the Amazon that were nothing special. When Dorian showed up the Amazon “problem” disappeared. I’m serious. The best search results were several days old. 

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Today, Dorian is washing the Carolina’s and headed for Virginia and DC, and it’s news, but not epic, cataclysmic, “you fossil-fuel addicted conservative bastards are destroying the earth mother” news.


The official observing site at the airport in Charleston, South
Carolina, recently observed sustained winds of 39 mph (63 km/h) and
a wind gust of 63 mph (102 km/h).

A Coastal Ocean Research Monitoring buoy located about 10 miles (15
km/h) south-southeast of Beaufort, South Carolina, reported
sustained winds of 60 mph (97 km/h) with a gust to 92 mph (148

That’s NOAA. And yes, still messy and destructive. But not exceptional, earth ending, or even climatically exceptional. Not for lack of trying.

Hurricane Dorian’s slow, destructive track through the Bahamas fits a pattern scientists have been seeing over recent decades, and one they expect to continue as the planet warms: hurricanes stalling over coastal areas and bringing extreme rainfall.

When the Climate gives you [blank] blame it on global warming. And they think this does something for their credibility. The way the mugger might toss you a sob-story to justify the extreme actions to which they’ve gone to get along in life.

It’s not their fault; it’s yours. And the Left has cherry-picked the data (again) to “prove” it. But they don’t. We’ve had far more of every sort of weather, and a lot of the same weather, for hundreds of years. 

Don’t forget in 2015 when South Carolina had that sort of rainfall but one out of every thousand years. Or maybe not. (But I bet Anderson Cooper is looking for a ditch to stand in as you read this.)

Climate Change is a movement to redefine economics, not to save the planet. Unless by “save the planet” you mean from individual liberty and economic freedom. 


Democrats can’t even run one city unless by run you mean “into the ground.” How stupid would you have to be to let them unconditionally run the economy of a nation or the world? We’ve got examples. They all suck.

But the Amazon is still burning, right? So, back to that “catastrophe” in the name of socializing energy and the global economy. That is until the next sky falls.