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Linda Sarsour was in Manchester on Sunday and No One is Reporting It?

Sarsour in Manchester NH

We notified the general population about the New Social Contract Tour. An event scheduled for Sunday, September 15th in Manchester at the UUC church. Linda Sarsour was a scheduled speaker. But was she here, because no one is talking about it.

 I searched WMUR, the Union Leader, Nashua Telegraph, Google, other search engines, nothing. I suppose it might be safe to say no media was allowed, but when has that ever stopped the press from an easy story to fill a few minutes or column inches?

Especially concerning a polarizing figure like Linda Sarsour. One of the founders of the so-called Women’s March which cut ties with her and three others in July over antisemitic remarks. A woman who has openly associated with groups and individuals who are inked to supporting terrorist groups or those that fund them. And she was in Manchester. And not one media outlet in the State had a thing to say about that? Or, her. Odd.

She was here

It took some looking but one of the many far-left hosts, Rights and Democracy, has publicly available Facebook video of the event which I downloaded and saved. 

I have not watched it yet. So, I cannot make any statement about the content of the speakers. Except that New Hampshire’s watchdog media (the folks getting paid to do this stuff) appear to have allowed a known, controversial,  anti-semite, who supports Sharia Law, with ties to terror-supporting individuals and groups waltz in and out of the state without attention.

Or maybe I missed them covering it. Perhaps this will help. (We’ll have more to say.)

Here are Sarsour’s remarks for your consideration.