Intimidation: Tool of the Left

Texas congressman Joaquin Castro posted to Facebook a list of names and employers of Trump donors. The list is from the San Antonio congressional district. In addition to distributing the list of names and workplaces; Castro accuses those on the list of, “contributing to harmful rhetoric that targets the Hispanic community and so many others.” …

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Dartmouth Professor OK With Doxxing Catholic Boys from Covington

Dartmouth keeps the good times rolling. In late 2017 over 100 Dartmouth professors agreed that it was acceptable to use violence and intimidation to silence speech with which you disagree. This week we have Dartmouth Associate Professor Jeff Sharlet saying “I’ll have no problem with someone doxxing these boys.”

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Hassan’s Doxxing (Former) Staffer Used Maggie’s Senate Offices To do The Deed

Yesterday, Dave Solomon added to the story that broke October 3rd when a former Staffer of New Hampshire Senator Maggie Hassan was arrested by Capitol Police for releasing sensitive private information about Republican Senators during the Kavanaugh Hearing. Jackson Cosko, 27, has been charged with publishing restricted personal information, witness tampering, threats in interstate communications, …

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