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The Class Warfare Of Blue Hampshire


“A liberal is a (person) who is willing to spend somebody else’s money.” ~Carter Glass

Blue Hampshire’s Caitlin Rollo takes a hardcore class warfare shot at Speaker Bill O’Brien for his ownership of a rental property in the Carribean, but never once mentions those of her ilk that come from monied means…like Gary Hirschberg of Stonyfield Farms? Or perhaps they have overlooked…The Granite State’s own Governor Lynch? Hey! How about Dick and Katrine Swett? or perhaps Anne McLane Custer?  Yawn…z-z-z-z-z.

Caitlin fails to do an effective case study on wealth and liberalism while she waves a finger at Bill O’Brien. If she looked hard enough around the Granite State she could see the utter rank hypocrisy of leftists in their verbal articulation of progressive policies, while at the saame time, pursuing within their own personal lives, a hard-core capitalist standard of living making even Milton Friedman blush.

When it comes to liberals and capitalism, it is only good for them and their personal families, but the poor should remain impoverished and dependent on a government that liberals not only advocate for, but view as utopian and good. Such progressive policies are neither good nor utopian and are just plain corrupt, not to mention hypocritical and dishonest.

 Rollo is uncreative and in a sheep-esque parroted schtick, that likely taxed nary a brain cell. The marxist line, of espousing the “haves,” versus the “have-nots,”is the stuff of hippies and idiots in drum circles. It is that same crowd over at Boo-Hoo Hampster who frequently plays straw politics with sham accusations that the majority is not focusing on the budget, while off of the other side of their faces they retread these out-of-date class warfare mantras, fresh off the old mimograph machine, while watching Felix the cat, stoned.

If it weren’t so boring, corrupt and out of date, it would be amusing, if not further evidence that the adults are not watching over the New Hampshire Democratic party.


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