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What America Represents … Facing the End

What America represents is the freedom and opportunity to which all people should aspire. America is the nobility of our accomplishments in history. How far we have come from small groups in wooden boats.

Pick a peaceful protest

Black Lives Matter – BLM Leaders Saying what they Really Are

When the real “peaceful protests” started to not be peaceful at all, and when you couldn’t tell the BLM rioters from the Antifa ones, we shouldn’t have been surprised. I try to take people at their word when they are saying something “important” (as opposed to noticeably just joking around).


Notable Quote – Main Difference Between Capitalism and Socialism

On the main difference between capitalism and socialism, other than “Who Chooses?”: Socialism’s failure, and capitalism’s relative success, has much more to do with capitalism’s capacity to generate economically relevant knowledge.” -Kristian Niemietz (Socialism: The Failed Idea That Never Dies)


“If You’re Against Racism, Then You Should Be a Capitalist”

“Capitalism can’t stop people from being racist but it makes them pay a price for it.” And if you don’t believe that quote, listen to the entire video for the context behind it. Are you listening, Black Lives Matter allies and adherents? This is VERY MUCH worth your time!

Central Planning

Notable Quote – Nathan Rosenberg

Capitalism has provided multiple sources of decision-making and initiative, strong incentives for proceeding one step at a time, and the possibility for drawing upon a wide range of human potential – all valuable features of activities that are carried out in an environment of high uncertainty.