Eating Your Own: Some Social Justice Warriors Just Want to Bully Everyone - Granite Grok

Eating Your Own: Some Social Justice Warriors Just Want to Bully Everyone

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Some people just suck and some of them do it in the name of justice. Social Justice. That thing to which all of us and none of us belong. The Intellectual worldview where it is possible to simultaneously demand diversity (difference) and equality (sameness).

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Where you will embrace all cultures but doing so might result in the negatively connotated “cultural appropriation.”

A system that insists on radical non-judgment while existing entirely on a foundation of radical judgmentalism. Not just of everyone outside their pseudo-intellectual plantation, but inside it as well. A safe space with no safe space. A prison crafted by a left-wing counter-culture movement that has since become the establishment it claims so much to hate.

Dr. Robert Conan Ryan Ph.D., in the forward to Dr. Michael Rectenwald’s ‘Google Archipelago‘, explains,

“The left was, in fact, not the underdog anymore. With nearly eighty percent campus support for the Sanders’ brand of democratic socialism, the leftwing of 2016 was no longer sensitive to cognitive diversity among their student body. But this closure had not only made conservative women and men feel academically oppressed, but also squelched “neoliberal” moderates, young entrepreneurs, classical liberals, Rand Paulist and other antiwar libertarians, progressive spiritualists, dirty joke lovers, dudes who like dude stuff, immigrants escaping communism, leftwing libertarians (including left communists), anarcho-socialists, and even many indigenous and minority Americans who still believed in the family and conventional gender roles. In short, what if the newest wave of “social justice” had become so confident and self-assured that its tone had become non-secular, religious, authoritarian, and intolerant, even of other factions of the left? What if some “social justice warriors” are not in it for the right reasons, but are bad apples exploiting a thrill-seeking opportunity to bully anyone? Snake-eats-tail.”

We see a similar problem to that faced by so-called “moderate Muslims.” If they exist, they have no power. The radicals suppress their will.

Intolerant social justice warriors and the academic mentors who made them in their image do the same. The tip of the spear. A pointy object delivering self-inflicting damage with every thrust that shames anyone who dares point that out. A problem the Democrat party has discovered has electoral consequences as news of their antics and their embrace by high-profile lefts like AOC and the Squad bring the systemic oppression into the livingrooms of working-class Democrats or anyone else intimidated or dismissed by this intellectual patriarchy.

A problem that has, speaking of viral contagions, infected the media, corporations, and governments all attempting to virtue-signal to a super-minority at the expense of everyone else, including themselves. A problem that voters could solve by removing any idiot who spouts this rubbish from power (in stat houses or board rooms) but who have been effectively intimidated out of doing it.

Well, except for a few of us, who continue to resist the minority-mob bullies. Hoping that, as predicted, that at some point soon the beast will consume itself as it must. Overdosing on microaggressions until they commit self-suicide, crushed under the weight of their own contradictions.

A weight that grows every time sensible people refuse to be intimidated. Folks who point out the obvious. That what they demand is not just self-contradictory but impossible unless the goal is the complete destruction of society so that the communists can claim victory and rule over the ruins, which, as a point of fact, it is.

A problem that might resolve itself if we can just convince them to eat their own just a little bit faster.