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Virtue Signal Received

Some companies just can’t help themselves, can they?

In these times of civil turmoil (insanity), some of them feel the need to “do something”, being social justice warriors – and letting the whole world know about it.  They are, after all, morally gracious and superior, no?

They have a microphone and they have money – so why not use these tools to make a bold political statement – and simultaneously insult and alienate half of their customer base?

Yesterday, King Arthur Flour (based in Norwich, Vermont) announced that they were donating portions of a $200,000 fund to both the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) and The Equal Justice Initiative.  And their Facebook thread immediately lit up to 10,000 volts.

If you aren’t aware, SPLC is a non-profit that “monitors hate groups”, with a history of political assassination and doxxing of people and groups that don’t adhere to their Marxist, divisive view of the world.  Anyone finding themselves in SPLC’s crosshairs are often falsely accused of being “white nationalist”, “neo-confederate”, “domestic terrorists” or worse (here)

It’s usually the group that screams the loudest that has the most to hide. 

But SPLC is also known for maintaining an undercurrent of the very racism/misogyny/inequality issues they claim to fight, all while holding onto a larger-than-comfortable share of the money they take in as donations.

And all of this came to a head in early 2019, after they fired their long-time founder Morris Dees for all sorts of bad behavior.   Unfortunately, this hypocrisy was an open secret for many years.

It’s all about defending the narrative of hate – and the donations. 

And if you want to know who is often behind the removal of historical statues and memorials in the South, look no further than the SPLC.

So, in their benevolence and magnificence, the employee-owned King Arthur Flour company decided they would invest a large sum with this seriously flawed group, to advance their seriously flawed agendas.

The next time you find yourself picking up some flour or baking products, take a look at the label – and remember that a portion of every dollar you spend could be funneled directly to groups like SPLC.  And you could be helping them spread their message of graft, hate-mongering and division, all in the name of “fundamentally changing” the United States.