Syracuse University – Supporting Constitution Violates Schools Non-Discrimination Policy


Young American’s for Freedom wants to be a recognized student organization (RSO) at Syracuse University. But the Office of Student Activities (OSA) denied their application because “requiring students to believe in the U.S. Constitution is “exclusionary to international students.”

My first question to the University is why would international students join Young American’s for Freedom unless they were excited about the constitutional protections American’s are meant to enjoy? Unlike the campus socialist-anti-justice culture, you are not required to participate. There are no star chamber punishments awaiting students who refuse to bow to the dogma.

It’s optional.

As Campus reform notes, that doesn’t matter.

The Syracuse Office of Student Activities denied YAF’s application, in part because members must support the “Sharon Statement,” which is a statement of support for the U.S. Constitution. Syracuse took issue with the Sharon Statement, alleging that adhering to it violates the college’s policy of non-discrimination.

“The Board considers the ‘Sharon Statement’ to be contradictory to Article XI Statement of Non-Discrimination,” Syracuse’s RSO Review Board stated in its rejection email to the group, according to documents obtained by Campus Reform. “Additionally, requiring students to agree in the superiority of the U.S. Constitution is exclusionary to international students and other individuals.”

Maybe someone should ask why so many people from other nations are so desperate to live under our constitution?

“I cannot fathom how an American University could find fault with students upholding and promoting the ideals of the U.S. Constitution,” Weaver added. “Calling the constitution non-inclusive, while completely ignoring the inflammatory rhetoric of the anti-Capitalist and anti-Israeli [rhetoric] of the university’s International Socialist Organization, shows the obvious political bias, if not the liberal indoctrination agenda of the Office of Student Activities.”

I can fathom it. They are socialists. They don’t want any competition. even if it means discriminating against people who support the Constitution. In the name of non-discrimination.