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Does Going from the Basement to the White House Make Sense?

Going from the Basement to the White House

Biden knows the polls are telling him that he must come out of the basement. He has to cease being a virtual candidate. He must reengage and demonstrate a grasp of both issues and alternatives. Yet he knows that if he does, he risks losing the race.

What’s Wrong With This Picture?

What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Individuals in traditional communities have pride in their good names and act accordingly. Families inside communities are strong and healthy. They tend to take care of their own. This minimizes the need for policing and social aid. Neighborhoods full of strong families tend to produce their own monitoring systems.

Screw You

Did the Wu Flu Screw You?

Countries around the world are asking: Did the Wu flu screw you? Reuters Monday reports China’s top intelligence ministry made a presentation to President Xi Jinping.  The presentation contains a warning of growing anti-Chinese sentiment around the world.