The Flu Versus Freedom - Granite Grok

The Flu Versus Freedom

The Flu Versus Freedom.

There are many media talking heads spinning the situation but there is nothing new in the new flu. This one is like all the others, some more contagious and some less. Some are more deadly and some are less. In the end, it is another flu.

There is no uniqueness to the disease. Our response this time is something else altogether. In reading an article the other day it said, “… the uniqueness of this situation is that we are all facing the same thing together while being apart…”

The author was advocating fatalism as our way forward. The words tell us exactly the author’s meaning. We are being divided not united. We have a common enemy, the virus. Which of us alone can cure it? Who is advocating this as a way to face any enemy? When has that ever been the position of strength? Strength comes from unity of purpose. It comes from a common cause, working, together… not apart.

Who is responsible and for what?

The physical distance we are experiencing is intended to divide the people, and through it, the nation. Nothing more… Nothing less… Churches are not operating. The government’s imposition of a low key approach to martial law for an indefinite period of time is being accepted.

How does a person of faith live their religion without other people of faith? How does one minister to the sick, the poor, the infirmed by isolating oneself? What is our personal responsibility? Does mumbling at others on the internet really pass as community service?

This is not a period of uncertainty. We know our government has suspended the U.S. Constitution. There is no unfettered travel. There are armed troops on the borders of some stated today. Our actions, words, travel is all being monitored. People need not rely on hope in a time of uncertainty. When the world goes to hell in a handbasket more than hope is required.

Freedom requires more than hope.

It always has. The founders pledged their lives, fortunes, and our sacred honor. Today we are trading a bit of belief in the government. We accept getting through this is a governmental responsibility. It is not.

The government today is doing what progressive government always does. It is promising us a small, undetermined amount of security for our freedom. We might get the flu so we give up our right to assemble? We give up our right to worship as we choose? Where are we? How do we expect to come out of this better off than we were going in? Who are we?

The voices of news and media are loud, strident, and contradictory. Confusion abounds. We do nothing but listen. Good sheeple. We are consumed hearing anyone and everyone’s opinion of what to do and think. And yet the Psalmist describes an uncommon posture, “For God alone, O my soul, wait in silence, for my hope is from Him.” Silence is undoubtedly a forgotten practice today. Reflection is gone… wisdom with it.

What is silence?

Is silence merely the act of not speaking? Is silence about listening to God? Have we forgotten him? When we pray are we speaking more or listening more? What can be found in listening to prayer? The Psalmist indicates hope and rest such that “hope” in this verse means “cord, rope.” As we listen will we find He is throwing us a rope of hope to pull us into the future? Is God throwing us a lifeline or is government tossing us a noose?

Each of us has some questions to answer. Let me suggest as we reflect on our separation there is time to read or reread the Declaration of Independence. There is a list of grievances there. Where were our forefathers then and where are we today?

As Americans do we passively accept? Or, do we roll up our sleeves and face our challenges head-on? Has America become a do-nothing alternative? One of our challenges today is the flu versus freedom and when we look at our response in the mirror what do we see? Will we see unity, responsibility and working together or will we see passivity and fear?