Police: "You are on your own." Civilian Disarmament Groups: Why is Everyone Buying Guns? - Granite Grok

Police: “You are on your own.” Civilian Disarmament Groups: Why is Everyone Buying Guns?

Seattle Riots

Why are all the gun grabbers are confused that the number of people buying gun sales and taking firearms training classes have gone off the charts? Wait for it: Police Tell Business Owners in Seattle ‘You’re on Your Own.’

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The Progressives that have been in charge (Mayor, City Council) are determined to set the stage to usher in their version of Utopia. The first order of business is to literally burn everything down – including the businesses that supply the taxes that run the city. It’s as if these Socialists/Communists haven’t a clue about Decisions have Consequences.

What person thinking of starting or expanding a business is going to stay in Seattle or Portland? And Austin, NYC, Oakland, LA….all Democrat-run cities (Go ahead, name one Republican governed city DELIBERATELY suffering all the rioting that the Dems are joining in allowing to happen.

And they certainly are – they’re jumping on the bandwagon of defunding the police, and in the case of Seattle, taking away less-lethal tools for crowd control

One of two things is going to happen: either the police will use the only tools they have left (firearms with lethal rounds) or (like in Minneapolis), the police are either just going to stand there for fear of being fired (or killed) and not do their actual jobs, or just quit/retire/go out on prolonged medical disabilities. Minneapolis has lost so many police that the city is now in violation of their charter that mandates so many police per residents.

And yes, the “Decisions have Consequences” will result in ordinary citizens, who formerly out-sourced part of their responsibility of self-defense to Govt/police, in taking back that responsibility (like the Korean shopkeepers during the Rodney King riots). Yes, the Statists will call them vigilantes and rogue and evil and UnAmerica – and the citizens who realized this kind of gaslighting will do the “screw you” dance as they WILL do what they can and what has to be done to protect their loved ones, friends, friends, and property.

When the “Social Contract” that the Left keeps hectoring us about plainly has broken down BECAUSE the Left has deliberately acted to break it, people will take actions not included in that Contract. The Left, for decades, has been deliberately removing

The Left is hoping that people will run to them to be protected being scared of what may be to come. Instead, they may be finding that others, much to the Left’s willing ignorance, will voluntarily band together to protect themselves. The Cold Fury that has been built up during the Left’s Cold War on traditional American culture, norms, and mores will ignite red hot…

…and then seek revenge on those that have turned their lives upside down – and subject them to the Totalitarianism that is increasingly part and parcel of the Left.

The only thing that might be considered amusing will the looks on the faces of those useful idiots that thought they were in charge. Once again, these people will have shown the rest of us why History, REAL history in all its goodness and ugly warts, repeats itself when you ignore it (1917-1923). They will be this century’s Mensheviks.

The Second Amendment, sad to say, will have proved itself to have been one of the Genius ideas of our Founders. Not, it won’t be pretty – war never is. It is also not clear that the rising Socialists will lose, either. But it’s not clear that those that have loved the American Experiment will lose either.

But the Left is pushing – at some point, the Right WILL adopt those same rules and will, I predict, use them in ways the Left can’t even imagine.

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