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For the First Time in Years, I Simply Walked past the Salvation Army Kettle …

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Unlike Progressive-Socialists who believe that “charity” can only be carried out by Government and not by private entities (see Bernie Sanders, below), Conservatives believe that each ONE of us is PERSONALLY responsible for helping others out – not as a Collective.

Sure, we band together to do so but we do so as an act that is solely voluntary in nature – we don’t have to be FORCED to be charitable.

One of my traditions, for DECADES, was that every time I saw a Salvation Army red donation kettle, I’d stuff a few bucks into it. Going into a store and coming out of the store.

For the last three years, I’ve been training the Grandson in the same tradition and having him put the money into the kettle, starting the understanding that we, as Christians, are to help those that are in more desperate straits than ourselves.

Each time, I’m reinforcing the message about why I would give him money to put into the kettle, hoping one day for the lightbulb to turn on in this aspect of his life.

Yesterday, sadly, I walked past that kettle without stopping with the Grandson, hand in hand. Both going in and coming out. I won’t stop again.

No, I can’t help or save everyone. In fact, none of us can, especially those that refuse to help themselves. And now the Salvation Army, for quite some time to come, is in that situation itself.

As Browcoat’s post (“The Salvation Army’s New Mission – White People are Racists“) states:

“The subtle nature of racism is such that people who are not consciously racist easily function with the privileges, empowerment and benefits of the dominant ethnicity, thus unintentionally perpetuating injustice,”

So everyone other than themselves is guilty of a sin that they don’t know is one.

It is clear that they are now stereotyping others, ME!, according to this execrable Leftist Social Justice Warrior philosophy that, contrary to their former Christian philosophy, never grants grace and redemption to those it believes heathen and guilty. A true Christian ministry cannot hold both beliefs at the same time and be intellectually AND spiritually honest to itself.

Or to the rest of us.

I will find another true ministry (Samaritan’s Purse comes to mind quickly) in which to help the poor and downtrodden. The issue for me will be in how to “train up” the Grandson in making it real and personal while still teaching a rather abstract lesson for this young’un.  I cannot, and will not, “enable” the changed philosophy of the SA.

I predict, just like the Boy Scouts before them, this will come to no good end. We may well be seeing the end of the SA.

Why give a donation to an organization that hates you and accuses you of malfeasance for things you are not responsible for?  That is not Christian orthodoxy – that’s simply political rhetoric for a specific purpose and it isn’t for the purpose of Salvation for there isn’t any in the SJW worldview; you are forever guilty and there is no redemption.

They have just started, willingly, on the path to becoming just yet another secular “social organization” trapping itself on the Government teat of “free money” – an extension of Government tied up by “strings attached”. It will be that money that will drive it going forward.


Bernie Sanders:


For the kickoff of the 40th annual Chittenden County United Way fund-raising drive in Burlington, Vt., the sponsors considered themselves fortunate to have as guests Mayor Bernard Sanders of Burlington and Gov. Richard Snelling of Vermont. . .”I don’t believe in charities,” said Mayor Sanders, bringing a shocked silence to a packed hotel banquet room. The Mayor, who is a Socialist, went on to question the ”fundamental concepts on which charities are based” and contended that government, rather than charity organizations, should take over responsibility for social programs.

And now, with his Build Back Better (and Biden thinks it’s HIS legislation) bill, Sanders IS crowding out real charities from Civil Society. What better way than to tie them to Government tax monies?