Appeasement, "tail between your legs", and begging is JUST the look for Democrat Mayor Frey - Granite Grok

Appeasement, “tail between your legs”, and begging is JUST the look for Democrat Mayor Frey


Jacob Frey is the Mayor of Minneapolis. The city that decided to go for Mogadishu (Somalia) Gold right after one of his officers allegedly killed George Floyd by kneeling on his neck. He’s starting to make Prince “locked in Meghan’s testicle lockbox” Harry look surprisingly manly.


ShotMinneapolis Mayor Frey: ‘Brick and mortar is not as important as life’

During his address to media, Frey reflected on the bigger meaning of the protests. “Brick and mortar are not as important as life,” he said. “The symbolism of a building cannot outweigh the significance of life.”  Frey said that “we are going to be united as a city,” and added that he was the one who made the decision to have officers withdraw from the 3rd Precinct building. He noted the danger to both the officers inside the building as well as the protesters.

Chaser: Minneapolis sees $55M in building damage, looting during George Floyd protests

The city of Minneapolis has tallied at least $55 million in property damage and looting stemming from the protests demanding justice for George Floyd. At least 220 buildings have been set ablaze since Floyd was killed by police officers on Memorial Day and the city plans to look for outside aid to rebuild after the civil unrest. Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey will ask for state and federal funding to help repair the city, though the cost of damage could rise as protests continue through the Twin Cities and across the country.

“We’re going to need a really big package,” Frey said during a tour of the wreckage.

Tail-between-legs: Minneapolis Mayor Frey Asks for Help From Feds as Shootings Escalate to Chicago-Like Levels

Since Memorial day, there have been 111 people shot in the city of Minneapolis. That may be only a single weekend’s total for their large neighbor to the southeast, Chicago, but the City of Lakes has less than a quarter the population and is well on its way to achieving Windy City-like levels of mayhem. Minneapolis is becoming a shooting gallery. In one incident early Sunday morning, 1 person was killed and 11 wounded in a progressive mass shooting that wound its way through city’s uptown area. On Monday, three more shootings wounded nine more people. According to, Minneapolis’s ShotSpotter system has recorded more than 1600 gunshots in the last month.

Given the ineffectiveness of the city’s police force in the current circumstances, Frey announced that he’s called for help from state and federal law enforcement agencies.

Ya brought this upon yourself when you let the protesters turn into rioters and then issued commands to your police force to turn tail and give up. You decided upon a policy of appeasement to shore up your “BLM Cred” and “solidarity” (hey, as a former community organizer, what else CAN he do, right?). You took the bet you could outrun the Bear.

Silly boy – you’ve just learned a very expensive lesson at the cost of lots of OTHER people and their money in taht the Progressive Bear is ONLY concerned with the Progressive Bear. No one that starts out trying to appease and then outrun it will be successful in doing so. Saying “I’m so very, VERY sorry” only makes the Bear madder – and then you know that old inch/mile bit, right?

There is only one way in looking at “We’re going to need a really big package” in that YOU expect US to pay for it. Your mistake, YOU pay for it. Stop looking at the rest of us to bail you out of this. Your constituents voted you in, let THEM pay for their mistake.