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Threats of Martial Law

Defeat The Flu.

California is the most populous and most leftist state and its governor is making threats of martial law.  Is it possible? Sure, but what made the threat seem reasonable? Let’s think about that for a few seconds.

What we know Gov. Gavin Newsom proposed the measure during a news conference. He said California needs martial law to execute its plan to combat the spread of coronavirus.

Why is the virus so out of control, governor?

Fine, but why is the virus so out of control? Could it have anything to do with open borders? Does it have anything to do with a lack of health screening at our borders? If we enforced the immigration laws currently on the books would the situation be any different?

Newsom has taken over two vacant hospitals. The state hopes the move will help lessen the impact of the virus on existing medical facilities. In addition to the two vacant hospitals, California is attempting to acquire hotel rooms to house hospital patients. This brings us to another issue. California has a massive homeless population.

Why is that? If it were a country California would have the 8th largest economy in the world. Who is responsible for the policies that are forcing so many Californians to be homeless? Exactly which policies are causing the massive creation of poverty in a place with so much wealth? Is it possible the progressive policies of California’s leadership are the problem?

How did you create the conditions?

The coronavirus spreads rapidly in close quarters and unsanitary conditions. The fear is the homeless camps in San Francisco, L.A other west coast cities are becoming breeding grounds. But who is responsible for the creation of the breeding grounds in the first place? Was their creation intentional? Was there malice and forethought? Are politicians and the people who elect them responsible for the results of their decisions?

Newsom also put the California National Guard on alert. He is also declaring he has the authority to suspend civil law. Necessarily that includes the loss of constitutionally guaranteed freedoms. Governor Newsom has said he will declare martial law if he feels it’s necessary. Think about it. Why wouldn’t he feel it was necessary?

Take away your rights; take away your guns, suppress free speech… The right of freedom of assembly is already gone. The right to freedom of religion is already gone. Say what you will about due process… All to hold a coronation for King Gavin the first?  Let’s just posit the question. Do you think there is any significant opposition in California?

The framework of martial law

The governor’s office maintains the use of military force would be for “humanitarian” purposes. Right, tanks in the streets will be for our own good. Newsom claims “we have the ability to do martial law … if we feel the necessity.” The warning comes just days after the man was downplaying the possibility of a martial law declaration. Was that before or after he thought he could get away with the coup? Just asking…

According to The Sacramento Bee Newsom said, “If you want to establish a framework of martial law, which is ultimate authority and enforcement, we have the capacity to do that, but we are not feeling at this moment that is a necessity…”

Maybe the reason for the apparent change of tone is the increase in the number of confirmed cases. There were 335 confirmed cases of the coronavirus in the state as of Saturday night. That compares to 472 as of Monday night, and 598 as of Tuesday night. Not sure how one rationalizes the action based on the disease.

California has 39,937,489 people according to World Population Review.  This means 0.0015% of the population had coronavirus. The level of response is entirely disproportional to the evidence available. It’s unclear under what circumstances Newsom would declare martial law.

What’s to come

He has felt no compunction to say whether he plans to use it solely to enforce a quarantine in the state. Why is Newsom not apologizing to the residents of California for his gross mismanagement? Nearly all primary educational facilities statewide have closed their doors. For many, Newsom warned that the closures could last into the summer break. Similar measures to slow the spread of the virus have been instituted in other states. Some local governments are even closing bars and restaurants.

Coming down with the coronavirus feels like having the flu or a bad cold for most healthy people. The virus still boasts a fatality rate of around 10 times that of seasonal influenza. But the numbers are skewed greatly because of its insertion into a few nursing homes. For the elderly and immunocompromised people, the risk is much greater. These vulnerable people are who quarantines are intended to protect.

Quarantines may be an acceptable measure to achieve this in countries like China and North Korea. Suspension of civil law and freedoms has no place in America. It should be up to every American citizen to practice common sense during flu season. Hand washing, social distancing, and common-sense techniques do more than enough to slow the spread of the virus.

Medical workers will soon enough eliminate this virus. Cures and vaccines take time. Martial law is not going to speed up the development of either. Threats of martial law are thirst for power masquerading as policy or maybe they are just covering irresponsible leadership. You be the judge.