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Ask Every New Hampshire Democrat if they Agree with BLM – “Do You Hope They Die”?

LA Sheriffs ambused by armed BLM gunman

BLM has been a cop-killing activist group since its inception. If not directly involved, it has long since surpassed the necessary level of rhetoric to be complicit in the act of harming others, especially those in law enforcement. So, when two LA County Sheriff’s Deputies were ambushed and shot, BLM’s reaction was predictable.

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In a vile display of all that is wrong with BLM and its barbaric “protesters,” they gathered around the emergency entrance to the hospital, blocking ambulance access, as they chanted “We hope they die,” referencing the two sheriff deputies fighting for their lives.


Protesters blocked emergency access to the hospital, and several even tried to break into the building. Why would they try to do that? To finish the job? Are they trashing and looting hospitals now?

Most if not every Democrat in the Granite State in or running for elected office has pledged allegiance to BLM. A group committed to destroying black families, intimidating and suppressing free speech, and compelling speech under threat of harm. And cold-blooded murder.

For those in and outside New Hampshire, the same rules apply.

Anyone regardless of party, who has bent the knee to these terrorists needs to be called to answer for their support. And in keeping with the tactics of BLM, as supporters, they should be required to meet the same standard. Silence means you advocate this violence.

Do not limit yourselves to politicians. Local businesses, corporations, and professional athletes and sports teams who openly advocate or celebrate BLM should meet the same standard.

BLM wants cops to die. They do not care if anyone else is harmed by their lust for assault and murder. Will you continue to support them?

The only acceptable answer is no.