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There’s a Reason I Call Them the Enemedia…

This is beyond disgusting.  But understand – to committed Socialists, a person is only useful insofar as how they serve The State.  In this case, completely and outright lying about this child’s tragic death to push the fear porn.

Quick Takes – Hat Trick

I intend to write a 9-11 piece soon, but please give it a couple of days.  Meanwhile, three quick-hit-style bits of news with comments:

Jogger - runner

Quick Takes: Hat Trick

Three quick-hit style bits of news & commentary. First, Thirteen Cuban refugees make it to Key West in a small rustic boat, are arrested upon arrival.

Lily Tang Williams

Unlocking Propaganda With Lily Tang Williams

Lily Tang Williams, now a successful American businesswoman, grew up in communist China under Mao. Lily plans to explain her experiences with propaganda in China and how that relates to the current push for governments to centralize control over our lives.

First they came for

First They Came for (…) And I Did Nothing

First, they came for Dawn Johnson… and I did nothing. Will that be you? Dennis Prager did a piece this week which seems applicable to our local situation. So let me thank him for his article it is titled “Now I Better Understand the ‘Good German’.