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Quick Takes – Hat Trick

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Three quick-hit-style bits of news with comments:



(Source tweet, assuming it stays up – 10:06 AM · Sep 15, 2021)

Here’s a more in-depth link:

The Left Discovers It Loves Evictions as Florida Landlord Challenges DeSantis by Evicting Unvaccinated Tenants – Flopping Aces

Still think it’s about the “science”?  No, this is a religion.  Not sure about that?  Just replace “not vaccinated” with “non-Christian” or “non-Muslim” or “non-<religion of choice>” and see how that tastes.  Just as one can convert to being a Christian by accepting Jesus Christ into your heart, or a Muslim by reciting the Shahada, one can become a Covidian by accepting the Sacramental Jab.


It’s also a never-ending, ever-metastasizing profit stream.  Not content with every adult, Fausti is predicting kids will be “eligible” – joy oh joy – in October.

But wait, there’s more.  Apparently, house pets can have Covid, so it’s forever-shots for Fluffy and Rover.  But there’s still more.  It’s also zoo animalsHorses… and dolphins.  (That last brings up a killer whale that I heard died a month or so back from an unknown “respiratory problem”… hmmmm.)  Will we have to chase down deer too?  And add in sheep, alligators, and tigers, plus chimps and gorillas.

Never mind the impossibility of the above, what this means is that there are significant and myriad animal reservoirs.  So, unlike Smallpox, this will never go away.  Never.  (And I don’t believe Smallpox is gone either, actually.  Shudder if it makes a comeback with its ~30% CFR.)

Neither, of course, will the revenue stream from the Jab boosters for the coming infinite variants end, or the parallel pills being developed to go alongside the injections.  Having gotten billions brainwashed and hooked on their products, it’s a never-ending revenue stream.  Never mind the coming twice-daily pills in addition to the vaccine.

$33+ billion in revenue, just at Pfizer, just in 2021, will not just buy politicians… but scientists and doctors.  People I know who work for Pfizer are starry-eyed faithful, doubtless salivating at their profit-sharing checks.


Going through my casual daily reading, I stumbled on this article with this paragraph (bolding added):

The bills set a dangerous precedent for state government usurpation of local control. If local municipalities cannot decide for themselves how they want to zone and for what type of housing they want to zone, what’s next? Will the state government tell us where we can live or who will live in our homes with our families?

So, please recall this video, which I included here:


Note what the speaker says about “Communalka” – the government placing other people to live in your home.  If you don’t own, and thus control, your property… you have no property.

Say, what did the Great Reset people say?  “You’ll own nothing, and you’ll be happy”.  Yes?


In my post Fear is the Mind Killer… I discussed fear, specifically, and its use by aspiring tyrants.  While browsing and collecting memes I saw this concept, which I’ve edited a little:

Nine Types of Manipulation

  1. Fear: Do this or something bad will happen to you.
  2. Flattery: Do this and you’re a good person.
  3. Bribery: Do this and I’ll do something for you.
  4. Shaming: Do this or you’re a bad person.
  5. Blaming: Do this or it’s your fault we can’t do something.
  6. Guilt: Do this or it’s your fault bad things happen.
  7. Intimidation: Do this or you won’t be allowed to do something.
  8. Shunning: Do this or we can’t be friends / see each other any more.
  9. Threats: Do this or else.

Do any of these sound familiar to you?  My count in this relentless, obsessive drive to push a needle into every arm is NINE OUT OF NINE.

Few things, in my opinion, get people hotter than when they grasp to their core they’ve been played.  Like the anger shown by Londo Molari in the TV scifi series Babylon 5 when he realized he’d been masterfully manipulated.


The same lesson holds true for our side gaining red-pilled allies.  If you can – somehow! – get people to grasp they’ve been played and their minds used to further another’s aim, then in that anger people will be open to new information.

An idea for a tactic – just blossomed as I was editing this.  Clip and email this nine-point list to Covidians you know, and particular those who are reluctant (e.g., I got the Jab only so I could keep my job).  Ask them if they agree with this list, and if yes, then… hit them, point by point, with examples of how the relentless obsession with Jabs has used every single one of these.  I intend to try this.