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College sexual assault

How Colleges Can Fight Back Against Sexual Abuse

When young men and women graduate high school and start considering their college options, a lot of different factors might be taken into consideration. They might think about which school can offer the right programs to meet their needs, or which schools have the best reputations for academic success and achievement. Increasingly, however, more and …

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Deadly force situation

Where are the Police? Crime is up People are Unhappy.

Where are the Police? That is the question of the hour in Minneapolis. The city has made itself an object lesson in Democrat leadership or lack thereof. Minneapolis is the home of the late George Floyd. After his death the all Democrat Minneapolis City Council went on the political offensive.

Restoration of law and order in our cities

Restoration of Law and Order in Our Cities

Is restoration of law and order in our cities important? What do you think? Should we allow the police to do the job they were trained to do? Why did we make those laws? Could it be we want segregate those who assault people and destroy property?

Debunking systemc racism - Dr Thomas Sowell

Data Point – Police “systemic racism”?

Reformatted, emphasis mine: Approximately 50 million police-civilian interactions every year 11 million arrests each year (22%) Of those 11 million 1,000 alleged perpetrators / arrestees are killed each year (0.009%).  Of those 11 million, 250 were Black (0.0023%) and 500 were White (0.0045%) The percentage of police shootings that involve a white cop and an …

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