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Seattle’s First Black, Female, Police Chief Resigns after City Kneecaps Her

Seattle Riots

Chief Carmen Best was not the best warrior for the people of Seattle. She let Antifa thugs run rampant, complaining that if they wanted her to do more, she needed a bigger budget. A few months later, Antifa and BLM and lots of street criminals went-a-rioting and cop bashing, more or less with Seattle’s blessing.

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By that, I mean the political blessing of Mayor, Governor, and to some degree Antifa-sympathizer, Best. But this time around, Best and her officers were as much targets as random people and property.

Remind me again what the police are supposed to do? Investigate crimes? Is that it?

We’re somewhere around day 75 of the riots in the Pacific Northwest, and the Seattle City Council has arrived at a cure for what ails them.


The cuts were nearly identical to the amendments passed by the budget committee last week and will eliminate as many as 100 sworn officer positions including patrol officers across various parts of the department via layoffs and attrition beginning in November 2020.

The cuts total approximately 10 percent of the remaining budget for 2020 a far cry from the 50 percent the Council originally promised to activists. The Council plans on enacting 50 percent cuts to SPD for the 2021 budget cycle.

The cuts also include capping command staff pay at $150,000. Chief Carmen Best was slated to have a similar cut until pushback forced the Council to only cut the Chief’s salary by $20,000 rather than the additional $100,000 planned. But it was not enough to keep the first black female police chief the city has ever seen.


Based on Seattle’s past performance, politics were a priority over peace. A situation that left unaddressed has forced the Chief to resign as a result. So, Best is as much to blame as the elected Left-Wing politicians for her undoing, in my opinion.

Under their collectivist watch, Antifa built a stronghold and was allowed to run wild and at will. When the opportunity presented itself, they happily converted themselves into warriors for Black Lives Matter, even though the only connection is their shared interest in advancing chaos to perpetuate a Marxist State.

As for the Council vote and the cuts, reports suggest wide-spread opposition by people “surprised” by how voting endlessly for far-left politicians has lead. Among them, a significant number of African Americans and probably a few of those super-smart Democrats who were not in elected office for some reason. Permanent looks of surprise lit by fires burning in private and public properties.

That snap and crackle of flames. The persistent odor of smoke, and depending on the wind, a light dusting of ash.

There will also be a pile of legal actions – everything from violating union contracts to recall elections for councilors who ran on improving public safety that then voted for drastic cuts on the SPD budget.

They even cut a program that combined police and social workers who offered outreach to homeless people. Those might be replaced with just social workers. Nope, no money for body armor, sorry. Budget cuts. Steal it off the Antifa thugs you arrest. And yes, this is what it looks like when you stop swirling the drain and arrive at your destination.

Visible day and night, thanks to the Molotov cocktail parties the “peaceful protesters” throw each night.

Welcome to the progressive utopia dystopia.

We tried to warn you, even after you called us racist bigots but you wouldn’t listen.