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Restoration of Law and Order in Our Cities

Restoration of law and order in our cities

Is restoration of law and order in our cities important? What do you think? Should we allow the police to do the job they were trained to do? Why did we make those laws? Could it be we want segregate those who assault people and destroy property?

There’s an election coming. Elections have consequences. We’ve been watching Democrat leadership far too long. It is costing far too much. It has no acceptable vision for the future.

Joe Biden is all of a sudden pivoting from first pandering to his leftist anti-police base. All of a sudden he’s pretending he’s for law and order. After months and months of rioting and looting, encouraged by Democrat mayors and Governors… after all this time Joe has an epiphany… Nice Joe notices … now. Could you add a little sincerity Joe?

Biden made the absurd claim Trump is to blame for all the urban violence in America. Well no. The Democrat Mayors and Governors control the cities and states. How are the Left and their media allies supporting this narrative? This is another example of the Big Lie. They are hoping if they lie enough about this, low-information voters will fall for it. They will vote for Biden.

So what is the Biden-Harris administration likely to do? What tells us this is likely the case? We know it will be influenced if not outright controlled by the leftist ideologues. They are the people supporting the thugs destroying our cities. These peoples are supporting the looting of our businesses. They are supporting killing people and they’ve been doing so since the rioting began six months ago.

Problems with assaults and property crime… defund the police… Joe?

Democratic mayors and city councils have been defunding the police in over a dozen cities. Where is Joe’s voice on this? There are more coming. Trump has been condemning these actions.

Biden has been silent on this. All of these Leftist mayors are Biden supporters. Nearly all are refusing offers of assistance from Trump. They are refusing to send in the National Guard. The police unions and associations have endorsed Trump, not Biden. They know the difference.

Let’s move to the “Unity Task Force.” Its composition is the Biden and Sanders wings of the Party. It is issuing a document calling for “re-imagining” the police. The claim is our crime-infested large cities are “over policed.”

They are alleging “… millions of people in our country have good reason to fear they may lose their lives in a routine traffic stop…” They are calling for abolishing cash bail. The call is for banning the police from wearing all military type gear. Restoration of law and order in our cities requires someone to perform police functions… whatever you call them.