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Jacob Blake, Mr. Felony Sexual Assault, Yes! Something to be Proud Of…

What did Jacob Blake Do?

Jacob Blake, a black man, was shot seven times by police. The original video gave no context for the incident. But additional video and on-scene evidence and reports made clear the entirety of the story. It is an instructive read.

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The woman who made the call to 911 reported that Jacob Blake was attempting to steal the keys to her car. There was an open warrant on Blake for third-degree felony sexual assault and the woman calling the police had a restraining order against Blake.

Back in May, she alleges Blake entered a room where she was sleeping near one of her children and thrust his finger into her vagina. The victim said Blake sexually assaults her approximately twice per year. This tells us something about the actions of Mr. Blake.

Upon arriving the police attempted to arrest Blake but he resisted, got one of the officers in a headlock, and withstood two separate uses of a stun gun. Blake then further disobeyed officer commands, walked around to the driver’s side of an SUV, and reached inside. That is when he was shot.

A knife was found on the driver’s side floorboards.

Biden – Harris

Democratic Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have seen fit to insert themselves into the situation. The Democrat presidential ticket has chosen to side with an alleged rapist. They have taken a stand against police officers attempting to do their job.

On Sept. 2, Biden said he thought the officers in Blake’s shootings should face charges. He said, “Let’s make sure justice is done.”

Harris’ judgment on these matters too ought to be in doubt. Remember her conviction that Michael Brown was murdered? How about her behavior in the Supreme Court hearings process of Justice Brett Kavanaugh? She asserted he was a probable rapist… without any evidence, none at all. Harris agrees the officer should face charges.

But Biden and Harris didn’t stop there. Biden traveled to Kenosha. He met with Blake’s family. Biden got on the phone with Blake who was in cuffs in his hospital bed. He is currently under arrest. Biden quotes the book of Psalms, adding that “nothing is going to defeat” Blake.

Harris went further. She told Blake she was “proud” of him. She also said the Blake family is “incredible.” They are an amazing description of a family. Wherein the son is an alleged rapist and the father is an open anti-Semite. This is according to his public social media posts.

The Leftist narrative

The New York Times provided cover for this insulting behavior. It did a puff piece about Blake in which they describe him as a hero. The NYT calls him someone who “survived and has begun to tell his own story.” That piece left a description of his crimes to paragraph 17. It never mentions that he resisted arrest and had a knife in the vehicle.

None of this makes sense. Blake is, by all available evidence, a villain. The police officer was, by all available evidence, acting within the scope of his duty. But in the context of the Democrat narrative, the Police are systemically racist. All criminals of minority ethnicity are victims of that system. If you accept that, it all makes perfect sense.

If we wish to live together in a society, however, this perspective cannot hold. Lionizing Jacob Blake, while decrying the police who tried to arrest him, is irresponsible.

Individuals are responsible for their crimes. Police are necessary to arrest criminals. We cannot allow those who disagree to gain power.