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“We Hold These Truths: Our Answer To The Mob”

It is our teachers and public education, writ large, that have failed the country; by not teaching Civics and History correctly or adequately. For not turning the barbarians-in-training into knowledgeable and invested Citizens. Instead, they have turned YOUR children against this nation and its history.

There Are No Neutrals

There Are No Neutrals In a Revolution

Are we in the midst of a cultural revolution? It is beginning to feel to most people as if there is forced change happening. If it is a cultural revolution and it really gets going there are things to consider.

Tucker Carlson Antifa Mob at his home

Socialized Tyranny…

Many years of fake news supporting radical Socialist/Communist/Marxist celebrities and politicians calling for intimidation and threats against freedom loving Americans have led to verbal and physical attacks against conservatives all across the nation in an effort to stifle Constitutional freedoms – and our God-given Rights to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. This past …

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When Winning is Losing

Some left-wing nutjobs are calling for mob protests in 900 cities tonight.  Why? The stated purpose, as if Leftists need a reason, is Jeff Sessions replacement. Remember Jeff Sessions? He’s the guy Nancy Pelosi wanted fired in 2018. We are far past recusal. Jeff #Sessions lied under oath. Anything less than resignation or removal from office is …

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