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“The Left Is the Woman Who Wants to Have an Affair But…”

Just saw these four tweets over at Instapundit and it did make me think: Purpose, motivation, covering their tracks, scapegoat, self-declared victimhood, hatred, Individual agency, immorality of Mobs – and a political Bible (and rejection thereof).

Mob Mentality in America

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. would be ashamed. Last night, a mob aggressively harassed multiple members of the GOP, as they were leaving the RNC event in Washington, DC. One such act was committed against Hillsborough County GOP Chair, Chris Ager.  He and another delegate innocently exited the venue, not aware that a mob was …

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Do you want BLM, Antifa and Anarchists running your town, city, county, state, and nation?

Want BLM Antifa and Anarchists Running Your Country?

Want BLM, Antifa and Anarchists running your town, city, country? These are some of the worst people alive. Democrat “leadership,” people like Schumer and Pelosi, refuse to tell Antifa and BLM to knock it off. What is going on in Portland, Seattle, Kenosha, and Minneapolis is on them. The question is: Why?

Defund the Police

Mob Rule Moves to the Suburbs

The reporting from Portland now says the months-long civil unrest is spreading. The rioters are spilling into residential neighborhoods, targeting people inside their own homes.

American Flag pole porch neighborhood

“We Hold These Truths: Our Answer To The Mob”

It is our teachers and public education, writ large, that have failed the country; by not teaching Civics and History correctly or adequately. For not turning the barbarians-in-training into knowledgeable and invested Citizens. Instead, they have turned YOUR children against this nation and its history.

There Are No Neutrals

There Are No Neutrals In a Revolution

Are we in the midst of a cultural revolution? It is beginning to feel to most people as if there is forced change happening. If it is a cultural revolution and it really gets going there are things to consider.