"We Hold These Truths: Our Answer To The Mob" - Granite Grok

“We Hold These Truths: Our Answer To The Mob”

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It is our teachers and public education, writ large, that have failed the country; by not teaching Civics and History correctly or adequately. For not turning the barbarians-in-training into knowledgeable and invested Citizens. Instead, they have turned YOUR children against this nation and its history.

ICYMI:  The Left and the Rise of Marxism

A group of conservative leaders worked with the Media Research Center to record a message defending the greatness of America and its founders and condemning the protesters and mobs that have attacked our nation’s founding principles and commitment to individual liberty.



Parents, it is incumbent upon you to re-teach your children. It is also up to you to demand better from your School District(s) – go to their meetings, issue Right To Know requests, and demand to know what they are being taught.

Demand the curriculum and handouts. Go to the School Board meetings armed with the statistics on graduation rates and standardized testing scores over some period of years. Volunteer in the classrooms. Better yet, become a teacher.

And grill your children as to what they really are being taught. It will take many disciplines on your part to keep up this effort. Why?

Do you want barbarians or citizens under your roof?  Remember, the teachers of tomorrow are already being taught to “Don’t trust Parents.” We now see what this has led to.

(H/T: CNSNews)