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For $100.00 Name A Time Conservatives Tried to Shut Down a Liberal Speaker…


As the Left try to contradict the Mob narrative being used to describe them and their tactics, what better time than now for Campus Reform to make the point stick.

In the past year, dozens of speakers on college campuses around the country have been shut down as a result of violence, protests, and intimidation.

While these events took place on a variety of campuses for a plethora of reasons, nearly every event had one thing in common: It was liberal students and protesters shutting down conservative speakers. While some might think of the suppression of free speech on college campuses as being a problem coming from both sides, the facts show otherwise.

The problem with Democrats claiming that the Mob is just a right-wing talking point is that the Left has been talking up the Resistance for two years. A movement that has not only been intolerant, but it has also been violent.

Antifa dominated the news cycles throughout 2017 until the Democrat-Media realized that advertising the left’s love-affair with Mob culture and masked street thugs might not be so good for Democrats in or running for office.

BUt Lefty professors wrote books and gushed praise about justifying the use of intimidation and force for political gain.

Vulgar epithets hurled at political opponents became a common tactic as did throwing other things including bullets at Republican Congressman playing baseball. Mobs took to restaurants and public places, looking for, hunting down, and then harassing political opponents.

These are deliberate acts that require planning and determination. 

Berkley lit itself on fire and news of campus protests against speech they opposed came from all over the nation.

And these Liberals could not just ignore them or not attend them. They organized mobs to put pressure on the system to not only cancel planned events but prevent future events from perceived threats of future mobs.

That is a mob culture!

Elected Democrats who have not openly embrace this #Resistance silently allow it without comment and certainly without calls for civility. A road that leads us to the Kavanaugh circus and perennial presidential loser Hillary Clinton announcing that there would be no civility until the plebs either voted Democrats into power or had the sense to stay home and let them win.

No kidding? Really?

Newsflash. There will be even less civility when the mob has air cover from the media and the government.

Meanwhile, cue a Campus Reform on-the-street interviewer, cash in hand. For one hundred dollars (college students) name for a time when conservatives shut down a liberal speaker on campus. Anywhere. Ever.

While Campus Reform couldn’t find any instance in the past year where conservatives shut down a liberal speaker, maybe college students themselves could. Hoping a $100 bill might help jog their memory, Campus Reform‘s Cabot Phillips headed to the University of Georgia campus to ask a simple question: can you name a time conservative students shut down a liberal speaker on any campus?

I probably don’t have to tell you this, but the interviewer walks away with the $100.00 bucks still in hand but don’t skip the video. It’s only 3 1/2 minutes, and some of the excuses to dismiss the premise of tolerance vs. intolerance are…entertaining.