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Jobless Claims at Historic Low – Democrats Promise to Ruin That If You Elect Them

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I guess funemployment wasn’t as much fun as we were told. People have been abandoning it in droves. We also need to question Nancy Pelosi’s “Pelosi-ism” about unemployment being so damn good for the economy. Current trends suggest otherwise. And how about when in the midst of the so-called ‘Obama Recovery’ Democrats were demanding a hike in unemployment benefits? In Trump’s economy, those costs are falling.

That’s because the new “problem” for Democrats is jobless claims hitting a 49-year low and hanging out down there for months.

MarketWatch is reporting that October’s initial jobless claims continue to remain historically low. New applications for unemployment remained below 220,000 where they’ve been since July. 

New jobless claims have been under 220,000 since early July, a remarkable stretch last duplicated almost a half-century ago.

The number of people already collecting unemployment benefits, meanwhile, fell by 13,000 to 1.64 million. These “continuing” claims touched the lowest level since Aug. 4, 1973.

Jobless claimsNationally, the benefits of deregulation and tax reform are reaping benefits for Blacks, Latino’s and young workers, groups that were not having nearly as much fun being unemployed as Democrats suggested.

New Hampshire’s economy continues to march through record-setting territory for number of jobs, labor force participation and income growth.

Don’t worry, Democrats hate it and have promised to wreck it by abolishing tax cuts, repealing reductions for job creators, ramping up regulations, and sucking all that money back into the loving arms of government.

Complete with the collateral damage Nancy Pelosi promised but with a twist. She neglected to mention that the likely victims of this damage caused by the Left’s pursuit of power are not limited to those “who don’t share her views” They include everyone. Only a select few at the top who buy are immune and only for as long as they toe the one-party-state agenda.

Should Democrats succeed in winning majorities or executive level positions prepare yourself for a return to the days of funemployment and stagnation. And you’d better like it. Incivility is a behavior reserved for the Left.

The Democrats seeking power today are the same lot who turned their backs on the Mob violence and intimidation tactics employed (coincidentally) against their political opponents for years. If you let them back into power the mob won’t go away but a government capable of any interest in prosecuting crimes against your rights might.

This is a lesson history has been teaching for centuries. It would be a damn shame if American’s haven’t learned it before Nov 6th.