"The Left Is the Woman Who Wants to Have an Affair But..." - Granite Grok

“The Left Is the Woman Who Wants to Have an Affair But…”

Just saw these four tweets over at Instapundit and it did make me think: Purpose, motivation, covering their tracks, scapegoat, self-declared victimhood, hatred, Individual agency, immorality of Mobs – and a political Bible (and rejection thereof).

Anna James Zeigler 1


Anna James Zeigler 2


The operative phrase that is THE operative action we are now seeing: “They’re fans of the mob so long as they’re the mob“. Assimilate everyone with strict rules – denigrate anyone outside of the mob. The Left, even as their Mob known as Antifa decries “FASCISM!”, has assumed the aspect of Mussolini that says ONLY the Mob (or in his words, the State) matters. And isn’t that what Antifa is saying and rioting over? Isn’t this what the Left is doing – scapegoating everyone NOT them?

And Antifa is the black-clad version of the fascist brownshirt of the last century. Yes, history is repeating itself again but in the place where most Citizens (mostly naive or already part of the Mob) steadfastly declare “It can NEVER happen here!”.

Sorry, it is. And the Left is doing it.

UPDATE: from Andrea Widburg at American Thinker:

This is the left: as long as these people are winning under the rules, they’ll play by the rules.  But once they lose, they’ll change the rules, even if they have to burn it all down to make it happen.